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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
With every anti-Semite crawling out from under their rock and getting a prominent in Obama’s administration, and other choice decisions on Obama’s part that are making it clear as to what category he falls into, perhaps Bibi is right!

When recently asked about the crash of Meretz to 3 mandates, the secular Neturei Karta Rebbi Amos Oz responded that the interviewer counted wrong, as there are 4, the one in the White House.

Caroline Glick also pointed some serious internal opposition issues that Bibi faces.

Israel will be facing considerable issues with the upcoming administration; the most basic one is our continued existence as a State.

So perhaps Bibi does need the fig leaf of the Left.

If the Left is onboard, while it won’t stop the anti-Semites abroad from slamming Israel (it never does), but at least it will limit the damage they will try to do at home.

Or perhaps he is hoping that our Leftists will have some influence with the Leftists abroad, in the hope that it will reduce, even to a minute degree, the attacks against Israel that are about to (that have begun already to) hit us, simply for defending ourselves or existing.

Israel has never faced such an anti administration in the past, and while I feel sorry for America for what they chose for themselves and what it will mean for them in the long term, for us in Israel its far more existential.


Anonymous said...


So, what if Bibi didn't try for a unity government; but just went ahead with 65 MKS, and formed a right wing LIKUD government; with the ministers who've said they want to be partners?

Wouldn't Kadima rightly be able to claim she got ignored? Perhaps, because she was a woman? That Bibi gave no one any chance. And, that he was a "dictator."

So, Livni's been pressing by going negative. Bibi makes an offer; that looks generous by all accounts. But he doesn't give Livni a "piece" of the prime minister's chair.

Today, Livni got quoted as saying "she wants to sit in the opposition to bring down Bibi's government."

Meanwhile, all Meretz/Labor now have are 16 "mandates." So, she's rowing for the Left?

The more patient Bibi looks, the better. He's done what has to be done to go beyond "being polite."

While there are ex-Likud members in Kadima, who would like to come back and work with Likud right now!

What's interesting about politics is that you NEVER see what's really going on! You're just in the theater, watching a show. And, the real activities are backstage.

While Dahlia Itzik, once following Foad Ben Eliezer had the "happy occasion" of resigning from Arik Sharon's government. And, then? She found herself OUTSIDE. Without the perks. You now know that she got back in because she grabbed Shimon Peres' coattails. And, he wasn't going to remain seating in Labor while it was dying! (Hence, you see Shimon Peres and Arik Sharon had been close.) And, today? It's Foad Ben Eliezer who didn't get the votes to stay seated. He was in the 17th Knesset. But he's out of the 18th.

Also missing on the polls. Nobody knows if Ehud Barak, for instance, is still as unpopular as ever. (Or, if he can rescue a few others, and leave Labor to Amir Peretz, and/or Avram Mitzna?

Floating out there are all sorts of possibilities.

With Olmert doing the right thing to Amos Gilad, because finally there's one of those "dirty" articles that spells out how Gilad (who never commanded soldiers), climbed to the top on "MI" (military intelligence) ... by providing Barak with a strategy to deal with Arafat. And, then, ditto, he played games to "orally" give Arik Sharon "what he wanted to hear." (How could all these secrets just come pouring out, now?)

And, what if this just pushes more voters to the right?

Remember how Adam Smith called what moves capitalism "the silent hand?" Well, what is this?

There are manipulations, large and small, all going on. While the media is giving Livni what she thinks is leverage. But what if Bibi stays mellow? Then says "he tried." And, then forms the government he not only wants, but makes sure that its strong enough to withstand Livni and the left? You mean, they really, really want more elections? They haven't lost enough, already?

Anonymous said...


Let me clue you in, Joe, on former American presidents:

EISENHOWER: Chose to screw Ben Gurion; who was trying to help the British and French. The Suez Canal was built by the British! And, after this was lost, the pound went down. While Americans were in an uproar when Jimmy Carter wanted to "give back" the Panama Canal!

LBJ: Told Eshkol not to fight! The 6 Day war angered LBJ. Who had no idea it would end so quickly. (Remember when Eshkol went on the radio in May of 1967, and sounded "confused?" Pressure from the American president was extreme!)

NIXON: Biggest anti-Semite around! (Like LBJ, up to his eyeballs in Vietnam. And, he's the first one to invent the phrase: "The only reason we have problems with the arabs, is because of Israel, who took Palestinian territory." It's here that everything you see today, was invented in America's State Dept.

JIMMY CARTER: Never a friend to Israel.

RONALD REAGAN: When Israel went into Irak, and "solved" the NUKE problem developing at Orsarik, Reagan got tough and told Israel "it was the wrong thing to do." And, at the UN, Jeanne Kirkpatrick was told to blast Israel. And, she did.

The BUSH's: Friends of the Saud's. Even 9/11 did not cut into this friendship. And, when you hear Israel has caused America problems, they're the source. They pay the most money to the James Baker and Jimmy Carter types. Oh, and to the Clinton's. And, to George Mitchell. Whose law firm, last year, walked off with $8-million-dollars from Dubai.

Yes, it seems Obama is "true to formm." In academia, as soon as Blacks got in, they tried to screw the Jewish professors.

Is this going to be Obama's theme? If so, he's gonna hit bottom, and whatever bounce he'd get would be called "the dead cat bounce."

I just think Obama's not afraid, now, of falling popularity; because he wants to recover, ahead. And, if he screws the Jews? Well, it would me the Democratic Party went and died. (Just when it stands a shot of staying in power.)

I discovered long ago that I couldn't tell what's going to happen in the future. I wish I could. But everyone owns this shortcoming.

I also know that Obama made a request of Congress to send gaza $1-billion dollars. It's a request that has to go through Congress. Because Congress is the PURSE. And, up ahead something can happen.

In politics, in America, there are only a few issues that put politicians "on the third rail."

Subways run with the electricity coming from the 3rd rail. Touch it and you're electrocuted.

So, I've also learned to take "headlines" and then just watch and see what happens. Little Green Footballs is already running with Obama's "billion dollar request." And, it's good to remember, because people there, comment, that Israel has friends.

Also, if circumstances get tough? Bibi can make a reputation for himself, surviving it.

Please don't get spooked on the headlines. Reality is messy.

Carol_Herman said...


You've heard about the billion gaza gets? Is it possible our State deparment searching for Israeli/Arab peace, has always failed? Seems Americans have "certain problems."

But what if what's happening is coming out at Israel to scare the living daylights out of you? To make you "sheeple" who will accept Livni as your prime minister?

Rarely do thinks happen in the Mideast without there being a "behind the scenes attempt" to influence "an outcome."

Of course, when this was tried in Pakistan, Bhutto lost her life. Similar to what happened in Eygpt, when Sadat lost his life.

Meanwhile? So far Obama hasn't even begun to look like FDR! And, at some point? He can throw money around with the best of them. But? So what.

Anonymous said...

Or.. we could just rely on Hashem? Who cares about America's opinion, seriously. Israel doesn't need the fig leaf of the Left, it needs the arm of G-d.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for America for what they chose for themselves

Many, many Americans did NOT choose this administration, and are not happy at all about what they're doing to America. Don't blame everyone.

p.s. What's up with the Carol Herman mega-comments?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: It's called collective responsibility.

As for the comment-blog, I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

(but I'm happy to have nearly anyone comment on my blog)

Anonymous said...

So if it's collective responsibility, then you're also responsible for the administration (do they use that word in Israel?) that's being put in place right now in Israel, right? You're probably more responsible because kol yisroel areivim zeh l'zeh.

p.s. If you really want comments, what's up with the "this comment section is only for..." It scared me off at first, because as a yeshivish woman living in the U.S, I don't know if I qualify! I don't even know what post-Zionism is! But seriously, you have a great blog. I've been enjoying it since I found it through muqata over the war.

JoeSettler said...

If we don't have a strong RW coalition, then I didn't fight hard enough. I would agree with that.

There are blogs that allow and even entertain discussions or comments that question the right of Israel's existence or right to defense or similar nonsense.

Comments like those simply aren't allowed here. That's what it refers to.

Glad you're enjoying the blog.

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