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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Have you ever had to opportunity to talk to an Israeli lawyer, or receive a phone call from them?

They introduce themselves as is they were someone important or even relevant, such as a doctor.

"Hello, this is Lawyer Moshe Shlemazal."

I'm being serious, they all introduce themselves by their job, as if that is supposed to impress somebody.

Every time that happens, forget that I have to hold back the laughter, I have to hold back from telling them the latest lawyer joke I heard.

I find it strange that Israeli society places such high value on a profession that is, well, so flooded with mediocrity in attempt to add a cheap label in front of their name, and that doesn't always have the best of reputations either.

In light of that, what is more amusing is that most doctors I know in Israel do not mention the title "doctor" when introducing themselves. They seem to be much more secure with themselves and their identity.

This of course excludes doctors who become "professors", at which point the ego factor kicks in, and don't you dare call them Doctor once they get that new title.


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