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Friday, March 30, 2007
A certain well-known Jewish Left-wing blogger in America responded to the revelation/disclosure that Teddy Kollek was a British Government informant and turned over Irgun and Lechi Jews to be tortured and killed – in quite a typically Leftist fashion.

He even “roughly” compared Irgun and Lechi members to Hamas and Islamic Jihad (as if the Haganah didn't use the same tactics as the Irgun and Lechi when it was politically convenient for them, or after they temporarily changed their minds on the British policy), yet ignores that the Irgun and Lehi only attacked military and government targets -not civilians (and provided ample advance detailed warning on the few (locationally strategic) civilian structural exceptions), unlike what Fatah and Hamas do when they deliberately target women and children - but it's still OK to compare apples to oranges. Strange how their are no Freedom Fighters when the Fighters are Jews and Jewish interests.

Now I don’t know if he is so detached (clueless to use another blogger's words) about turning Jews over to be killed because he lives in America and assumes all leftists worldwide have (and had) the same value system he does, or because being a liberal means that getting your fellow Jews killed by a foreign government that is preventing other Jews from coming into your country to escape being murdered in the Holocaust and to help build the State is acceptable in liberal circles. Go know.

I assume he is not unaware of the history of double-crossing the Jewish Agency had with the Irgun and Lechi who tried to cooperate with them on numerous occasions, only to find themselves turned over to be hanged. Or how the JA turned over many political opponents, not military "rogues" to the British. But he probably figures that that detracts from his point.

And in that he would he just ignore that the Left in Israel (with their Bolshevik philososphies) historically follow as group policy the belief that harming your political enemies (but fellow countrymen) by assisting their enemies (and ultimately your own) is acceptable behavior when they stand in the way of your political goals and power.

While he gives the story a big “yawn” (and I would agree) because that kind of behavior is not unexpected by those on his side of the political spectrum, I also disagree with his “yawn” because that kind of behavior is not unexpected by those on his side of the political spectrum.


bar_kochba132 said...

This "news" about Kollek is not new, I recall hearing about it 30 years when I began studying the history of the ETZEL and LEHI.
You have to remember one thing, all actions of MAPAI, even those involving "national security", ultimately involve maintaining their monopoly on power. This is what Kissinger means when he says "Israel has no foreign policy, only domestic policy". Although the official reason for the crackdown on the ETZEL during the "Sezon" of 1944 was that the British were expected to make a "partition" after the war in compensation for the Jews of Palestine, Britain and the US sitting quietly while the Holocaust went on (similar to Bush's promise to give Shamir the loan guarantees if Israel didn't fight back against Saddam's scuds in the 1991 Gulf War). Thus it was claimed that attacks of the ETZEL and LEHI would anger the British leading them to possibly back down on their vague "promise". In reality, I don't believe this was the main motive for the Sezon. The sezon was set off by the LEHI's assassination of Lord Moyne, yet it was the ETZEL that was the victim of the HAGANA's witch hunt, not the LEHI people who were left alone (although they did suspend operations). Thus I think the major consideration was not "angering the British" but rather, the ETZEL's operations might lead them to becoming popular and giving them the chance to rule Israel once it became independent. One must remember, for the Marxist and Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist inspired MAPAI and MAPAM parties, POLITICAL POWER IS THE FIRST IMPERATIVE, even more than national security (e.g. the Oslo agreements and the destruction of Gush Katif which led to the Leftist Kadima party coming to power and the crash of the Likud).
The MAPAI leadership felt that a successful ETZEL campaign to drive the British out would lead people to vote for them, and that had to be stopped at all costs. Same with the Altalena..even though it was carrying large amounts of weapons, it had to be sunk becaue if the ETZEL liberated Jerusalem, people might vote for them, so better to sink it, endanger Israel's war, but at least preserve MAPAI's power.
It is important to remember this, especially when people (e.g. the NYTIMES Tom Friedman) babble about "Israel's thriving democracy".

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