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Thursday, March 15, 2007
I’m not sure whether this is a bribe, naiveté, or just simply a danger to Israel.

The Reform movement pledged to donate/invest $100 Million dollars in Israel which they will use to expand their operations in Israel, in exchange, or as a result, they expect Israel to officially implement the divisive, sectarian aspects of their religion.

I guess it fits for some people – after all, the Reform movement’s definition of Judaism is a rather broad and expansive use of the term, just like Peres’s definition of Peaceful Palestinians.

But delegitimizing the Reform movement’s connection to Judaism isn’t the goal of this post, they do that well enough on their own.

My complaint is that Columbia University’s Samuel Freedman is silent.

Here is a group of American Jews (some of them Jewish perhaps) sitting at home with money, trying to impose their divisive religious agenda, which is certainly not accepted by the majority of Israelis, and would definitely divide the nation in two if succeeded.

Yet Professor Freedman hasn’t expressed his outrage at this blatant attempt at armchair religion.

I don’t think Freedman should be allowed to write for the Jerusalem Post anymore if he doesn’t own up to his hypocrisy.
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