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Thursday, March 29, 2007
What do the Israeli Left and Palestinian Terrorists have in common?

Quite a lot as you all already know.

But I want to focus on just one point for this post.

10 days ago it became common knowledge that we Jews bought a building in Hebron.

The Left and the Arabs went mad with rage.

Read Haaretz and YNET (or don't) and see the vile bile spewing from their writers. First there was denial - we Jews stole the building. After it was proven that all the paperwork was all in order and we did legally own it, then they started spewing how immoral it was, and how we are inciting to murder Rabin or something.

And the fact is that their position is exactly that of the PA Terrorists. Jews should not and cannot buy land in Hebron, East Jerusalem, or any other place they don’t want Jews in.

So the Left began protesting, and examining the possibility of taking it to the Supreme Court to block the purchase of land by Jews.

And the PA takes the same position. They arrested the Arab who sold the land to us Jews.

Unfortunately, while he made the deal of his life ($700,000) he may have made the deal for his life.

But that doesn’t concern the Left who riled everyone up and publicized the purchase far beyond the quiet move it would have otherwise been.

It’s no (longer a) secret that we settlers (legally) buy lots of land and buildings from Arabs and do our best to protect them by offering them plausible denial (as long as they don’t try to back out and screw us – at which point we pull out signed contracts and videos), but the Left comes along trying to deliberately hurt their fellow Jews to promote their evil agenda, all they end up doing is endangering the lives of Arabs, who did nothing wrong (and in fact, something right).

But morality and people getting hurt or killed is not important to the Left, nor are basic civil rights for those they disagree with. Making parts of the Land of Israel Judenrein is all that interests them - just like the PA terrorists.


Rafi G. said...

they will always take the PA side, regardless of truth or legality. Either the Jews are doing something illegal or immoral, and it is only the Arabs who should be given the benefit of the doubt.

If a Jew does not want to sell land to an Arab, they will help the Arab take it to the Supreme Court to force the Jew to sell. If the Arab does sell to the Jew, they will take it to the court to get the sale revoked due to immorality and illegality.


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