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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Every Settler and reader of JoeSettler knows that Peace Now “fudges” the numbers (and truth) when in comes to that which they hate most – Settlers.

But now, the whole world knows it too.

You see world newspapers reported Peace Now “facts” regarding their claims to stolen Palestinian land, such as when they reported that 40% of the land settlements are built on are owned by private Palestinians.

Or another such Peace Now claim that was even reported in the NY Times – Maaleh Adumim was built on 86.4% private Palestinian Land!

Unfortunately for Peace Now, the Military database that Peace Now supposedly took the information from shows a completely different picture.

For instance, at most 0.5% of Maaleh Adumim is built on private Palestinian Land - and that is based solely on Palestinian claims (not neccesarily documents or evidence) – which means the real number may actually be 0%.

That’s a big whopping mistake to make.

Did Peace Now think the database they “used” would not publicized at some point? Or did they hope to do damage and worry later if they got caught?

Regardless, of their excuses, CAMERA has published a detailed piece showing this and other examples of Peace Now Lies.
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