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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Arutz-7 is reporting that the religious fundamentalist leftist organization “Rabbis for Human Rights” (apparently a religious movement with goals similar to Hamas) is leading the struggle for Arabs to steal land from the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

They are instigating Arabs (and other Leftists groups) to go to the borders of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria and start building illegal structures and planting trees – on the land owned by the settlements, private individuals, or the state.

When they’ve lost in court, due to the clear ownership of the land in question by Jews, they’ve acted violently against Jews and security forces in the region.

One of their mullahs wrote to followers:
“"An hour ago, the powers that be ruled in favor of a farmer from Haris [near the city of Ariel, in Samaria]. Twice last week we didn't succeed in planting on his lands next to the settlement of Revava," writes Rabbis for Human Rights director Arik Ascherman.

Openly admitting that the farm is owned by a Jew and that the courts agreed that the farm is owned by a Jew, Asdherman acknowledges that he to trying to steal land.

If you recall, on Tu B’shavat I wrote how after attempting to physically block Jewish children from planting trees on Tu B’Shavat on uncontested Jewish owned land, later at night, someone uprooted and destroyed the 5000 trees planted by children on the Jewish-owned farm.

After being blocked by security forces, one of the fundamentalist leftist leaders was heard saying, “For every day, there is a night.” – a hint to the action they would apparently be taking later.

How typical Left. They declare they are for Justice, but like all Leftists, when it comes to Israel and fellow Jews, lying and stealing are permitted behaviors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been in Durban too, standing side by side with all the other anti-Semites.

Oh, look, they were – and it probably was paid for by the Ford Foundation (a leading financial supporter of anti-Semitic/anti-Israeli organizations).
It is even more embarrassing, however, to note the position of Israeli human rights groups…. Other Israeli human rights groups, like Bat Shalom (a feminist peace organization of Israeli women) and Rabbis For Human Rights, actually came to Durban to take part in the anti-Israel bashing, which was even more ferocious in the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) forum than in the conference of governmental representatives.

See, we Jews even have our own Hizbollah and Hamas activists. Time to get them in contact with Al-Qaida.
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