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Monday, March 19, 2007
Every now and then Egypt likes to work up their people's hate against Israel and claim Israeli soldiers killed Egyptian POWs (they really confused sometimes).

So when Channel 1 ran a documentary a few weeks ago that seemed to support that claim, well Egypt just went bananas and began demanding investigations and that Israeli heads should roll (and be arrested if they stepped into Egypt).

Turns out that the Channel 1 filmmakers messed up. They took photos from after an IDF battle with Palestinian terrorists (even then, back in 1967 before the “occupation”) and mixed them up with some pictures of the Egyptians, and oops, they mistakenly declared that Israel killed Egyptian POWs.

Now, I’m not going to say how irresponsible that is on so many fronts, but they’ve come out admitting the mistake and showing the sources of the different photos.

That of course wasn’t satisfactory for the Egytpians.

Now Channel 10 just showed actual (film) footage from the Yom Kippur war of Egyptian soldiers killing Israeli POWs (with their hands tied behind their backs).

The Egyptians are furious at Israel for daring to show such films. They are calling the film absurd. Go figure.

It reminds that during this last war (which I’ll name “The War Barak got us into, not out of”) when Hizbollah troops lost and could have safely surrendered, they chose instead to commit suicide.

It says a lot about a culture that would prefer to die rather than be captured.

At first glance they might be worried about what the Israelis might do to them (but if they thought about it a bit, they’d realize they’d be released within time). In reality they are looking at it, as what would happen if they were doing the capturing.

These Hizbollah cowards could only figure the Israelis would do to them what they certainly would (and) have done to the Israelis they captured, so they opted for the cowards way out, terrified they would get what they give.

What a sick culture.

(I sometimes wonder about the lack of Israeli rage of this real event, when the Arabs can get so upset about a fake one. I guess we expect this behavior from them, so it is difficult to get excited.)
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