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Saturday, March 10, 2007
It was brought to my attention this Shabbat by someone I know in the (Jewish) movie industry that YouTube is the new battleground of anti-Semitism.

It seems that besides the comments section where (as I’ve checked) the neo-Nazis write their diatribes against Jews and Israel they also play another game.
They have organized a network of Jew-haters that go around flagging Jewish/Israel related videos as “inappropriate”. When the videos are tagged enough times, they are apparently taken down.

While doing some initial research on it this evening I came across this posting by Sultan Knish who describes how he experienced this attack on his videos and gives links to other similar attacks.

Sultan Knish says to not give up the fight, but I say there are alternatives to YouTube, such as Israeli founded and other Jewish-oriented video sites that are popping up.

Do we give up on sites like YouTube?

I say we don’t need to give them the traffic.

Google has a problem that when you type in Jew there are at least 2 anti-Semitic sites in the top 10 slot, but at least they acknowledge the problem, even if they haven’t really done much about it (unless it used to be worse).

I’m not saying YouTube should censor their comments section, but they should definitely add an override to their “inappropriate” algorithm if the flagged video contains the word Israel or Jewish.
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