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Friday, March 02, 2007
HUGE HATTIP to Lurker for the links.

I heard this on the news and didn’t pay attention.Eurovision usually interests me like… well it doesn’t interest me.

Lurker pointed out everything that I missed.

The Eurovision officials nixed the Israeli choice for the song we wanted to present at EuroVision. They said the song “Push the Button” had an inappropriate political message regarding Nuclear War and regional maniacs who want to push the button and wipe us out. Click here and Press on 1 for the song and lyrics.

Of course what they completely missed was that the runner-up song, which will now be presented (unless they catch on) is even more political.

The name of the song is “Salam-Salami” (Click on 2 in the above link).

It is a thinly veiled reference to the Oslo Salami Peace Process.

The words of the song discuss eating a salami sandwich and the desire for the salami sandwich, but every sentence is an obvious (to us) reference to the “Peace Process”, secret back room deals, terrorist attacks, how the "Peace" turned out to be a salami and Israel is being sliced up, and how we are being eaten like a salami sandwich.

The song finishes that not everyone wants Peace, so let stop cutting up the sandwich.

Talk about Eurovision officials shooting themselves in the foot.

This year I may even listen.
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