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Saturday, March 17, 2007
America isn’t England or France, where unconcealed anti-Semitism is socially acceptable or at least not socially reprimanded.

But that doesn’t mean that anti-Semitism isn’t rampant in America, just that it is more subtle.

Over the weekend I kept reading in the papers how everyone was surprised and shocked at Olmert’s explicit support for the war in Iraq and how a US victory in Iraq is good for Israel.

The shock and surprise came from the fact that US Jews are trying to keep a low profile when it comes to the war in Iraq. Apparently they fear fallout for themselves and Israel if they were to openly say that fighting dictatorships and bringing democracy and freedom to the world is a good thing. They fear that certain sectors of people will begin to openly say, what they now only whisper, that the “Zionists” are behind the war in Iraq (and 9/11 has nothing to do with it).

Now let me ask you.

Does keeping a low profile indicate the behavior of someone secure with their position and status in a society, or does it indicate that anti-Semitism is really just under the cover and no one wants to bring it out into the open?

Talk away…
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