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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
While one feels sorry for the humanitarian disaster when an entire village in Gaza gets wiped away in a tsunami of poo-poo, on the more cynical side you have to think that if the PA had only invested less (forget about no) money in guns, bullets, suicide bombers, missiles, and other expensive terrorist apparel and weapon systems they could have used that money to actually invest in the infrastructure needs of their own people.

Israel (the “occupier”) built the cesspool in question almost 30 years ago for the needs of the local residents. In the 15 years since Oslo and the local and imported Arabs began running their own affairs nothing was invested in helping their own people.

It’s incredible when you think about it.

The PA receives more UN money per capita than any other state/entity in the world, yet none of it actually seems to go to fixing their situation – just perpetuating it.

Yet one merely continues to be a realist to understand that this won’t change anything for the better.

As a result we will now see money flooding into the Gaza strip earmarked for “humanitarian needs” and projects.

At best it will free up operational funds for more advanced PA bombs and missiles. At worst it will go directly to supporting the families of a new wave of suicide bombers and missile crews.

It’s unfortunate that instead of the world demanding accountability from the Palestinians, and positive proof that money is no longer going to terrorism and actually to helping their people - instead we will see the isolation of this terrorist regime begin to fall apart as the world, eager to throw money at the PA, uses this as an excuse to break the blockade.

Get ready for the next wave of terror.

Doesn't that stink.

(Carl in Jerusalem has some interesting insights)


Anonymous said...

I thought you were supposed to wipe off the Pooh??? Not have the Pooh wipe you out!!!

Baruch sheh lo asani Goy!

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