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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Arabs in Hebron (almost) filed a complaint on videoed "incidents" of Settler violence. Instaed they went to B'tselem to have them propagate (propagandize?) their home videos.

And what incidents of violence were on the video?

1. A little boy was shown screaming and throwing stones at some Arabs.
The Jewish little boy's clothing are disheveled and torn as if he was just in a fight with the Arab boy he was throwing stones at.

And lo and behold, the Arabs actually admit that he was in a fight with their grandson. What isn't seen on the video (of course) is the fist fight the Arab kid probably started that triggered it off, who then ran away to the safety of the person holding the video camera and was selectively filming. Major international incident.

2. A clearly disturbed little boy alternating between kicking the gate, throwing rocks, and twirling around in circles. What we do see next is the boy's father picking the little kid up (who is then having a tantrum) and dragging him away. Major international autistic incident.

3. Another screaming match between neighbors (both sides screaming). Major International incident.

4. 4-5 year old girls throwing eggs. Again, another major international incident.

Two things about the article amused me:
1) The video was sent to a Leftwing group instead of the police.

Why? Because as you saw for yourself, the complaint would have been thrown out for being utterly ridiculous.

2) This line: "Abu-Aisha stressed that the problem is not with all the Jews: "We can and have lived well with Jews. The problem is with this group that didn't come here to live but came here to drive us out."

You gotta admit, coming from an Arab in Hebron, that's a pretty funny sentence.
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