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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nadia Matar sent me the following picture (she sent me 8 actually) of her town of Efrat.

Apparently it is coming under new ownership.

Actually, it seems these flag-wavers were protesting the wall. Something both Nadia and I agree should be stopped.

Looks like we all have someting in common.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians want it stopped because then it will be more difficult to infiltrate into towns like Efrat and rob the homes or try to blow themselves up in the supermarket.


JoeSettler said...

Who knew! It was Land Day. Can't believe I missed it.

has an interesting article.

But don't they know that all the land Efrat sits on was bought outright (parts of it over 100+ years ago). That's why it is such a funny shaped town with fields in the middle of it, and all the speed bumps.

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