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Sunday, March 18, 2007
The JP is reporting some not unexpected survey results.

But before I discuss them, I don’t see why everyone on the right is so upset that the Arab Minister (who now has access to secret military information) refuses to sing HaTikva. We all know his loyalty isn’t to the Jewish state, nor for that matter is Olmert’s or Peres’s. They are loyal (sometimes/hopefully) to something called Israel “the Jewish State” where Jewish is just a meaningless buzzword that is not supposed to really represent anything Jewish other than in name.

But going back to the poll, it was found that 28% of Israeli Arabs don’t believe the Holocaust happened, and it goes up to 33% if you just look at Arab High School and College graduates.

48% of Israeli Arabs felt that Hizbollah attacks on Israel were justified.
89% felt that the IDF bombing of Lebanon was a war crime.

In short, if you were concerned that there is an active 5th column in this country (besides the Left), then you are right to be worried.
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