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Saturday, May 02, 2009
Some while ago I was discussing the Iranian nuclear threat.

At the time I said that Iran wasn’t going to launch a nuclear missile at anybody. Instead they were going to ship over a dirty bomb to a few terrorist organizations and sneak them into Israel and the US.

Some people disagreed with my assessment, for one primary reason. They claimed that there is no way a bomb could be brought close enough (to the US at least) without it being noticed by any of the various detection systems allegedly in place for such attempts.

The New York Times Magazine printed an interesting article last week.

It seems that in the 3rd world jungles of Columbia, the drug lords have a new hobby.

They build submarines. In fact they build submarines at the incredibly cheap cost of a mere $500,000 and build them in a mere 90 days. (And when you consider the $100 million dollar profit, that’s a bargain).

These submarines regularly smuggle in a tremendous amount of Columbian drugs into the US. These subs can carry up to 10 tons of drugs (or other stuff)!

The US Coast Guard estimates that they have managed to capture a mere 14% of these submarines or (10 out the 70 built this year) – apparently through a combination of luck and simply hanging out on the most common route of the smugglers.

60 of these submarines have successfully breached the US border this past year alone.

Now realize, these are built in the middle of the jungle by drug lords and 3rd world craftsmen.

Imagine what Iran could do when it will be ready to sneak a dirty bomb into the US. That should keep you up at night.

In fact I'm not the only one to consider this, as John Pike, a defense expert and the director of, said, “If Al Qaeda decided they wanted to attack the homeland, or Iran decided they can attack the American homeland, this might be the way of getting in.” Then he added, “This is the 21st-century equivalent of German U-boats.”

Makes one even hope that Obama will take some military action against Iran’s nuclear bomb development facilities before its too late.


Anonymous said...


Yes. Smugglers are using submarines. But the ones they build need to skim the surface. And, are seen by satellite. Where they get knocked out.

Yes. The drug cartels are now benefiting from the needs so many businesses have for cash. And, they are buying up lots of businesses on the cheap. In other words? The cartels, like the arabs, are looking to steal the marketplace. And, they have the funds to do it.

Anyway, submarines built in the jungle, don't dive down too far. Or the sides would implode.

Now, if you want to talk about drugs, let's go back to the "incident" that started the summer 2006 war with Lebanon. Because? That area wasn't patrolled well. But the drug sales were going on between Israelis on one side. And, the Lebanease, or Syrians, on the other.

So? Was it possible, with the tour almost over, the jeep went into Lebanon to "buy stuff?" Or is this a big secret?

JoeSettler said...

If they are seen by satellite, then why are less than 20% intercepted. Unless they aren't seen so well by satellite.

And that certainly doesn't prevent Iran, a more advanced country with far more resources, from producing subs that can dive just a little bit deeper and be even less trackable.

As for the "incident", Hizbollah is certainly involved with sneaking in drugs.

BUT, there is no question that the IDF soldiers who were killed and abducted were on patrol in an area they were assigned to patrol.

You seem to be confusing your story with Tannenbaum, who was a drug dealer.

So, no it wasn't possible, and there is no big secret.

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