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Sunday, May 24, 2009
US policy of propping up moderate dictators and terrorists (as opposed to the "serious" dictators and terrorists) always seems to come back and bite them (and us).

One major debacle in the works is the US training and arming of PA terrorists policeman in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) under the auspices of the skilled and very naive Gen. Dayton (last week in fact a PA policeman shot and injured 2 IDf soldiers before being taken down).

But a surprising article that appeared in Ha'aretz indicates that the US has aided Hezbollah in its battle against the Israel and the US.

As you probably have heard, Israeli spy rings in Lebanon have been captured.

These spy rings have apparently been involved in identifying and targeting Hezbollah terrorists. These spy rings may have identified missile locations. These spy rings may identified Hezbollah terror nests and hideaways in Lebanese towns and cities.

In short these spy rings helped eliminate Hezbollah terrorists that were terrorizing both the Israeli and Lebanese people.

But a tremendous number of these spy rings have been uncovered in the past 2 months.

It is well-known that the US has been supplying various Lebanese Internal Security Force with money ($1 billion since 2006), training and equipment.

This money, training and equipment was supposed to go to the fight against terror and Hezbollah.

It was these US backed, trained, and equipped security forces that uncovered the spy rings that were spying on Hezbollah.

Ha'aretz managed to link statements by the Lebanese government indicating that these US resources went specifically to capturing the Israeli spies that were targeting Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is expected to win major if not majority control in the upcoming June 6th elections.

Again, idiotic US foreign policy backfires on everybody.


Anonymous said...


Let's say the MOSSAD understood that the Lebanese were going to get "helped" by Americans. And, Americans can be "flushed out" by peppering about sophisticated equipment. And, making it seem that its a "spy ring."

What if there were just greedy arabs involved? Being set up.

No. I'm not kidding.

I just don't see why the Mossad would break with tradition, and set up something that involved a lot of people. In spy work you work alone. You're not involved with other family members; each one getting lots of money.

But what if that's the real story?


If the Israelis didn't do anything at all the Americans would have been much more dangerous.

And, if I had to guess? Given that I know Ehud Barak dressed up as a woman, to get into Beirut. Where the Mossad ran a real operation; what would you call those stringers who "just supply data?"

It's possible America went looking for trouble. And, what was found? PLANTED. If you can "plant" red herrings.

Anonymous said...


Please remember that the biggest business in Lebanon is DRUG TRAFFICKING. (That's why there's sophisticated equipment hanging around.)

Not to overlook the hatred coming at Israel from the USA! From freaks who want to attack Israel, and who feel the media works wonders.

Gotta tell ya. I don't think the MOSSAD got flat-footed. (And, since there were a few arabs who made it to safety ... it's possible the people who mattered the most got a ticket out.)

When they end the international drug trade you'll end routes into countries where "spies" can collect information. Which they can also get looking just like tourists.

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