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Saturday, November 03, 2007
As I mentioned in a previous post (which I see is circling the Internet with amazing speed), there is a direct link between foreign aid and Palestinian terrorism.

An interesting point that was raised was that when the Palestinians were unable to kill Jews (due to security measures), their violence turned inwards towards each other.

Personally, I don’t differentiate too much between the different Arab terror groups like Fatah, Hamas, or Hizbollah. Their tactics may be different, but ultimately their long-term goals are the same.

I think the events of this week best expose the truth of that statement.

The Aska Brigade is the military arm (and part of the security service) of Fatah/PLO/PA and the “moderate” Abbas.

They were trained and armed by the US for the purposes of “peace”, and promptly used their training and weapons to commit acts of terrorism. No surprise there.

Once the Hamas terrorists took control of Gaza from the Fatah terrorists and cut off their source of funding, those Fatah terrorists were forced to find a new revenue stream.

So they switched employers.

They now work for Al Quaida.

That’s right. The Fatah terrorists trained and armed by the US, who continued to commit acts of terrorism while supposedly being the Palestinian “good guys”, are now using their training and weapons in the service of Al Quaida.

If I was a US congressman or Senator, I’d be very concerned by this turn of events.

As I personally don’t differentiate between the actions of one Arab terrorist group from the other, I have absolutely no problem with whoever is currently footing their bill.

The goals are still the same, at best the tactics are slightly different.

As far as religion is concerned, one is more fundamentalist than the other, but religion is a driving factor for all of them.

But for those in the US that like to play make-believe and ignore Fatah (and therefore Abbas’s) acts of terrorism, they should be thinking twice about who they are funding.

Unfortunately the (wrong) conclusion they will reach is that they should give more money to Fatah to bolster them and prevent the good terrorists from joining the bad terrorists, even though there isn’t a philosophical difference between them, which is why the jump is so smooth.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Abbas and Hamas are holding meetings.

Anonymous said...

"The Fatah terrorists...are now using their training and weapons in the service of Al Quaida."

Not that I doubt in the least that this is true, (or at the very least, plausible) but I am curious what this statement is based on...

Anonymous said...

renegade: JP article on Friday. I forgot to put the link in the article. I'll fix that, and here it is here:

Lurker said...

The goals are still the same, at best the tactics are slightly different.

One difference is that, with Bin-Laden as their new CEO, these terrorists are significantly more likely to be diverted onto missions targetting the U.S. (both domestically and abroad).

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