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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
The National Jewish Outreach Program / NJOP is running a contest - and first prize is two (2) free tickets to Israel.

A lot of good that will do me (actually, I'm not even eligible because you have to be in the US to enter).

The contest's concept is actually quite interesting.

They want you to send them a picture of some Judaica or family Jewish heirloom you own, along with a story describing its history, or why it is important to your family.

The winner gets 2 tickets to Israel (did I mention that already)?

Anyway. ENTER THE CONTEST HERE (and mention JoeSettler).

I would have entered my silver kiddush cups that my father gave me that used to belong to my grandfather who brought them over when he came to America.

But I'm not eligible to enter the contest because I'm in Israel!!!!!

Is that fair?

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