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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Like Nazis, the IDF soldiers violently and suddenly grabbed the Palestinian boy as he approached their West Bank roadblock.

Viciously they threw him to the ground as the little boy struggled to break free.

They smashed him into the ground as the boy struggled to free himself from the suffocating chokehold of the adult Israeli soldiers twice his size and number.

Leave him alone, he’s just a child!” yelled the Jewish women of MachsomWatch, the freedom fighters for the Palestinian abused, at the IDF soldiers hurting and abusing this young boy.

Let him go now,” the women demanded of the IDF soldiers now successfully holding the boy down so he couldn’t move and barely breath.


The event described above happened last week.

Personally, I would have put the boy and the women from leftwing MachsomWatch in a room together to see what would happen.

You see, the Palestinian boy was a terrorist.

In his backpack was a bomb, intended to be used against a Jewish target.

But that is of little concern for MachsomWatch, who harass our brave and heroic soldiers who put their lives on the line everyday to prevent terrorists like this boy from reaching their desired targets.

There is something self-destructive about the Israeli left that they let themselves be openly used as dupes for the enemy.

Every day, members of MachsomWatch stand at roadblocks and prevent IDF soldiers from doing their job of ensuring that Palestinians allowed to pass through aren’t going to abuse this privilege to blow up and murder Jews.

It is truly sick when the concern for the enemy exceeds the concern for your own.


Rafi G. said...

horrible! machsomwatch should be made illegal and treasonous

Daniel said...

machsomwatch are Israels count Baltar!

Anonymous said...

I remember Women In Green setting up a sort of MachsomWatch Watch. They called it FifthColumn Watch.

The name fits.


Batya said...

Yes, I wrote about them, too.

Anonymous said...

To : CEDARS1559

While I enjoy and agree with much of what you posted, I need to take exception with your comment about

"In fact NEVER in history has a guerilla group ever been destroyed"

This is not true. While difficult and requiring time it has been done repeatedly.

The Viet Cong in South Vietnam
The Huk in the Philipines
The Malay insugency
The German 'Werewolves' (post WWII)
The Chechins
The PLO in Jordan (Black Sept)

and there is more...

This is one of the most enduring fables bandied about by the left.

Do a bit of research

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