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Sunday, November 25, 2007
I mentioned here that the after-effects of the upcoming Lebanon elections are going to be a big disaster for Lebanon.

Well, even I can't follow what is going on there.

Apparently, the pro-Syrian side (i.e. Hizbollah and other proxies), successfully blocked the elections for the next president (simply by not showing up to the required votes).

As of Friday, at the request of the former president Lahoud (a Syrian puppet), the army is in charge of the government and it is reported that tanks are lining the streets of Beirut. Power should have gone to the anti-Syrian government of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, but Lahoud refused to make that transfer (by declaring a State of Emergency).

They are going to try to hold elections again on the 30th.

This just looks like a another step backwards for democracy in the Middle East, as the Iranian sponsored Syrian puppeteer Assad still tries for his Greater Syria at the expense of lives of everyone in the region.

As a first step against Iran, it's time to bring democracy to Syria.


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