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Sunday, November 04, 2007
After continuing debate within the Israeli government whether or not to temporarily shut off electricity to Gaza in response to Hamas Kassam attacks on Jewish settlements towns, Hamas decided to shut down electricity in Israel instead.

A direct hit on power lines in Sderot resulted in the city being left without electricity.

I can only salute the Gazans for their ability to state their goals and actually try to follow through with then.

While the Israeli government debates punitive damages in exchange for murderous rocket attacks, the Hamas government decided to add punitive damages to their arsenal of attacks on Israel.

So, the electricity continues to flow to Gaza, but no longer runs in Sderot.

Makes sense to me.


Lurker said...

You've got to hand it to the government, though: They promised that if there were more Qassam attacks, then there would be power outages. And by golly, there were.

Batya said...

You'd think there wasn't a war going on...

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