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Sunday, November 11, 2007
I'm not a big Shas fan, and I don't think that one ever understands the actual motivations behinds the statements and actions of Shas politicos (is it money, is it religion, is it honor, is it money, is it influence, is it doing the right thing?), but what I find most interesting is the Left's rather consistent reaction to Shas and how they actually avoid the issues being raised, when Shas raises them.

Eli Yishai, for a few weeks now has been raising an issue, and the Left have been attacking him for it, but without actually answering what he is clearly implying.

I wonder if he said it any straighter would the reaction be different. I doubt it. It’s not an issue of subtlety; it’s one of self-induced delusion.

Ever since Olmert has said he is releasing Palestinian terrorists, Eli Yishai has repeatedly said that Jewish people who committed nationalistic murder should also be released (there’s a handful in jail). In fact, it seems that every time Olmert says his thing, Yishai says his in response.

For this, the Left keeps calling Yishai a racist, and idiot, a primitive, unenlightened, an ignoramus, and I can keep going on with the adjectives being used.

But I haven’t seen a single Leftist address the real issue that Yishai is raising.

He is pointing out the utter hypocrisy of releasing thousands of Arab terrorists, who are statistics likely to commit even more serious acts of terrorism upon release (recidivism is the technical term), but then denying that same option to a handful Jews who committed acts of murder for nationalistic reasons against Arabs.

The Left go nuts and says these Jewish killers can’t be released – it is immoral, but they have no moral problem releasing Arab terrorists, who are likely to kill even more Jews – because it is for peace, for confidence building, for whatever.

It is as if they are incapable of understanding the very clear comparison he is drawing; and worse, it seems they don’t even understand the answers they are giving.

Every time Yishai says this, it sounds like he is making fun of the left and his coalition partners, with a joke that is way above their heads.

And all the Left hearing him say it (and even reading this) will give the same explanations of “Peace and Politics” every single time, while completely misunderstanding that every time they say this, they play the fool to his joke, and everyone on the Right sees this and either laughs or feels sorry for them (or sorry for us, as we all pay for their lack of comprehension).

The problem is, it's no joke.


Naftali said...

All terrorists should be killed. We should not be having to deal with this problem.

Anonymous said...

The point of this post is to show the hypocrisy of the left.

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