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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Something appears to be going on behind the scenes between Hamas and the PA/Fatah.

Hamas is making moves to take over the West Bank, as well as to embarrass the PA/Fatah.

Fatah/PA meanwhile is calling for an overthrow of Hamas in Gaza, and is busy arresting Hamas followers in the West Bank.

So in return Hamas shoots up a bunch of Fatah followers on Arafat Day.

And back and forth it goes.

But today there is a new twist.

Hamas detained Jamal al-Dura (father of Mohammed).

Inconsequential in of itself, until you remember that the whole shooting of Jamal's son was nothing more than a Pallywood production directed by the Fatah/PA government.

Already Hamas has disclosed documents completely documenting Fatah’s/PA’a corruption and divergence of foreign donations to private pockets.

Quite possible, al-Dura was arrested to send a message to Fatah/PA.

If you keep arresting Hamas followers (and don’t let Hamas take over the West Bank) then Hamas will reveal what is already known, but still denied - that Israel did not kill al-Dura, and it was a PA/Fatah Pallywood production.

That wouldn’t look so good for them, would it?


Lurker said...

It can hardly be coincidental that allegations against France Channel 2, accusing them of staging the alleged al-Dura incident as a deliberate hoax, are currently at the center of a high-profile libel suit in France. If Mr. al-Dura were to decide to talk to the media about what really happened, there would be enormous repercussions. The only question is whether Hamas has arrested him in order to keep him quiet, or to "persude" him to spill the beans. (The latter possibility would unquestionably be a PR coup for Israel. But if it could also be used to embarrass/extort/harm powerful Fatah officials, that might be enough of a motivation for Hamas.)

The Palestinians are no strangers to the myriad uses of video footage (staged or otherwise) for fraud, political embarrassment, and extortion:

Only a few weeks ago, Fatah officials successfully duped the naively credulous Jerusalem Post with a recycled videotape from Iraq. The video contained a horrifyingly graphic film of an "honor killing" committed by members of the Yazidi sect in Iraq. Fatah told the Post, however, that the people in the video were Hamas members from Gaza. The Post believed them, and ran with the story. [Note: "Honor killings" occur frequently in the Gaza Strip (as well as the "West Bank"), but it's not exactly easy to find a copy of one on tape.]

One of my favorite examples of Palestinian video-monkey-business is the entertaining recording by an Israeli drone of a funeral procession following the "Jenin Massacre" of 2002 -- obviously perfomed for the benefit of cameras on the ground -- in which the corpse can be clearly seen falling off the stretcher and then climbing back on -- twice.

And then there are the myriad sex videos released by Hamas, and used for blackmail, showing Fatah officials engaged in homosexual activity, pedophaelia, and adultery.

Anonymous said...

Unless everybody else has it reported wrong, Mohammed is the kid, not the father.

Anonymous said...

My bad.

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