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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Thanks to Jameel for pointing this out to me. If you go to Jameel's blog he has a video of the soccer game.

"Dai l'Alimut" (End the Violence) was the slogan the Left kept using against the Right during the Oslo years as the government's policemen beat nonviolent Rightwing protesters and put them into hospitals.

"Dai l'Alimut" (End the Violence) is the code that the Left continues to sling at the Right to end any possible verbal protest against Oslo and their latest adventures into "Peace".

At this game, all the players wore on their shirts the Leftwing slogan "Dai l'Alimut".

The announcer repeated twice at the "memorial" the Leftwing slogan "Dai l'Alimut" in memory of Rabin.

So they have the announcer telling all the Beitar soccer fans that they are violent Right-wing extremists, using a phrase that the Left always throws at the Right in attempts to delegitimize and silence the opposition.

If that's not a provocation, then I don't know what is.


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