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Sunday, November 25, 2007
Last week, during the survey, I was asked if I felt that security for the nation was going to get better or worse in the upcoming weeks. I said worse.

He then asked if I felt my personal level of security was going to get better or worse in the upcoming weeks. I answered that I thought it would be the same.

My logic?

I spend most of my time in the settlements (where it's safer), I’m armed. I’m trained. And how often do I have the opportunity to go to public places in Jerusalem, as of late?

Of course, today I went to the Malcha Technology Park and the Malcha Mall next door, just as they were blowing up a suspicious object.

While the news is reporting a high alert due to a suspected suicide bomber trying to reach the city, internal army radio seems to be implying that the bomber is already in Jerusalem and they are searching for him.

The helicopters overhead put some credence into that report.

I no longer felt that my level of personal security has stayed the same.

I won’t ask the rather repetitive question of why every time there is a “Peace Conference” life just gets more dangerous. We know the answer to that.

I no longer have any questions on this subject.

I just wish they’d call me again with the poll. I’d like to change a few answers.


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