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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
I stopped going out to the movies in Israel a while ago. You sit there, a captured audience. It was particularly bad at the Malcha mall (which also had problems with their sound system).

You see, the Left decided that you shouldn’t be able to escape from their incessant attempts at indoctrination. So they bought commercial time before every movie (at that time for the Geneva Idiocy Accord).

You go out to the movies, thinking you will escape from reality for a little while. You sit there and then suddenly a larger-than-life terrorist is standing there on the silver screen telling you that this latest peace plan to divide Jerusalem will bring peace.

People used to practically riot in the theaters when they heard this nonsense being shoved down their throats.

So I stopped going, rather than listen to indoctrination.

This week at a Soccer game on November 4, the announcer called for a moment of silence in memory of Rabin.

After 2 weeks of nonstop Rabinfest on the TV and radio, these soccer fans went to the game to watch a game, not to be told to be silent for someone they felt hurt them and hurt the country.

These soccer fans are the people of the Machane Yehuda mall, these are the people that take buses to work, these are the people with family in Sderot.

These are the people who got most hurt after Rabin and Peres brought the terrorists to Israel and the bombings started.

So they booed.

The Left is now in an uproar. How dare they boo. The fans must be reeducated (perhaps electric shockers in the seats?). Their team must be punished for having fans like that.

“This violence (sic) is unacceptable,” the Left screamed.

They must be taught democracy. They must be taught about the Rabin legacy. They must be taught to be silent in face of the memory of what Rabin wrought. The team must be disbanded.

All sorts of ideas were put forward by serious leftists.
Educational pamphlets at games on Rabin’s legacy. Pregame speeches about democracy and Rabin. The players must be told to scold the fans not to boo at Rabin. They must be taught that they must be silent at the moment of silence for Rabin.

I’m being serious. This is what is being said by leaders of the Left.

One of the Beitar fans in an interview made a rather important statement.

He said, “He remembers what it was like under Rabin with all the bombings that occurred because of his policies. The Left like to ignore all that. But they, the Beitar fans all remember the bus bombings and the bad times. Rabin wasn’t a great PM and they don’t feel like honoring him.”

Another fan, said that mentioning Rabin at a right-wing bastion like the Beitar field is a provocation.

The Left went nuts. “Only to extremist can it be a provocation”. “This is a red-flag that the Right are going to kill someone.”

You know. I wonder what would happen in Tel Aviv at the HaBima theater, if they called for a moment of silence in memory of another former MK who was assassinated by Arab terrorists (and you know who I mean) before the play went on.

Would that be considered a provocation, and what about the reaction of that crowd?

Anyway, we still live in a pseudo democracy, and that means free speech still exists, and if people don’t like hearing about Rabin anymore because they don’t like how the Left have hijacked his memory and history, and continue to bang the country over the head with him, in their attempts at indoctrination, then that is their right to yell boo.

Trivia: Speaking of Rabin, Yigal Amir named his son: Yinon Eliyah Shalom . Everyone seems to have completely missed the significance of this name. If I recall correctly, the gemorah (Sandhedrin 98:b), mentions (at least one of) these names as (among) the names of the Mashiach. Amir has got high aspirations for this kid.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joe.

BTW, IIRC, Yinon is a name for Moshiach; Moshiach's arrival is to be announced by Eliyahu; and the Navi Eliyahu is a gilgul of Pinchas, the grandson of Aharon the Cohen, who was granted kehuna and the Covenant of Shalom by HaShem.


ravyehoshua said...

Plenty of parents name their kids Yinon without visions of a future career as Mashiach. Most of those parents are Sefardim, but I, an Ashkenazi, well aware of the gemara about Menachem, Shilo, Yinon and Haninah (note the rashei tevot) named a son Yinon (may he be well) for the unheard-of reason that - are you ready? - we liked the name!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I never noticed the acronym.

yitz said...

Hi, I just can't get over that someone in jail for "killing" [did he really do it, srak srak?] the "peace process" would name his kid Shalom! What does that tell us?

JoeSettler said...

The point here was the article, not the trivia section.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that he named him after his grandfather (his name was Shalom).

yitz said...

Hey Joe, take it easy! Your trivia section was quite interesting, that's all!

As to the article, remember that the "Left" includes this:

Even the so-called "right wing" Netanyahu condemned the Beitar fans - isn't he nice?

Couldn't find an English link - but for Hebrew readers: Netanyahu condemns Beitar fans.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

What do you think of Eli Yishai's proposal to release Jewish prisoners who committed "nationalistic" crimes against Arabs? He's being wiped in the media...

Anonymous said...

One man's Terrorist is another man's Freedom Fighter?

Seriously. It's hypocritical and perhaps racist to release one group of people (Arabs) who committed nationalistic crimes while not releasing others who did the same, simply because they are Jewish.

Not that I am not saying Jewish killers should be released on those terms.

But it makes the Left look hypocritical as usual.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Nice. You use my quote about HaBima, don't give me a hat-tip, and then come to my blog and say, "look who's been reading JoeSettler?"


Anonymous said...

I originaly wrote "a game in Tel Aviv", I tell you about it, and you say it should say HaBima instead.

Don't take too much credit!!!!!

Batya said...

One of my kids was in HU studying poli sci during Rabin's time, and you'd think the place a totalitarian dictatorship. If you didn't agree, you failed.

Anonymous said...


Thanks to Jameel for pointing this out to me. If you go to Jameel's blog he has a video of the soccer game.

"Dai l'Alimut" (End the Violence) was the slogan the Left kept using against the Right as the government's policement beat nonviolent Rightwing protesters and put them into hospitals.

"Dai l'Alimut" (End the Violence) was the slogan that the Left kept slinging at the Right to end any possible verbal protest against Oslo.

At this game, all the players wore on their shirts the Leftwing slogan "Dai l'Alimut".

The announcer repeated twice at the "memorial" the Leftwing slogan "Dai l'Alimut" in memory of Rabin.

So they have the announcer telling all the Beitar soccer fans that they are violent Right-wing extremists, and then expects them to take it quietly?

If that's not a provocation, then I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Joe, when you talk about Nationalistic crimes, what do you think Begin, Stern and Raziel were doing? And Stern and Raziel intentionally killed Arab civilians, because they were Daati Jews who understood the Halachot of war werent dependent on Goy approval.

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