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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Naftali... this one's for you.


Unknown said...

Didn't expect that. Thanks.

Stay strong. We need you.

You are by far the most eloquent, cool demeanured front line moiser nefesh lemaan shleimos haaretz, i have encountered.

I post at the blog Dean's world and
store my posts also at

I will place you on the blog role
at Naftalim and ask that you be placed on that of Dean's world.

I am a Chabad Shliach, so you know where I stand on these issues.

Anonymous said...

I just didn't have anything amazing to write today and I didn't want you to be disappointed that there wasn't a new post.

Unknown said...

i am not at

But rather at

(The name of the blog is Naftalim)

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