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Thursday, November 01, 2007
I previously wrote about Peki'in here. The JP described the town as a model of coexistance.

Since the riots there have been rumors flying around about some of the events that happened there. I decided at the time to not discuss those rumors, as at the time they seemed flimsy and unsubstantiated.

The rumors involve a deliberate pogrom against the Jews, of Druse "nationalists", and more.

One Jewish family had said, that while they knew of Druse "nationalists" in the town they thought they numbered a few dozen, not a few hundred.

But masked Druse youths were caught on film specifically attacking and destroying Jewish homes after the police left. The youths were apparently even aware (and warned) in advance that the police were going to be entering the town. It seems that the cellular antenna was merely an excuse and a front.

Are the events in Peki'in cause for larger scale concern for the State of Israel?


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