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Friday, January 13, 2006
Interesting results from today’s primaries.

Shinui seems to have self-destructed with the 4 (maybe 5) losers walking out of the party (presumably to start a new party call Chala - Chiloni, Ashkenazi, Lavan, Ashir), though the entry of new blood may actually turn things around for them. Certainly not having Sharon in the picture gives Shinui a fighting chance of making it into the Knesset.

No surprises in NRP. Losers, all of them.

Nice surprise in the Likud though.
A lot of good, solid right, pro-Israel (anti-hitnatkut) people in high spots.

3) Moshe Kahlon
4) Gilad Erdan
5) Gideon Saar
6) Michael Eitan (not really anti hitnatkut– but a good, honest legislator, none the less)
7) Ruby Rivlin
9) Yuval Steinitz
11) Natan Sharansky
13) Haim Katz (I think he's OK)
14) Uzi Landau
15) Yuli Edelstein
17) Lea Nass
18) Naomi Blumenthal (I have mixed feelings, but Sharon really did use her as his scapegoat)
19) Ehud Yatom
20) Michael Ratzon

We’re still stuck with Limor Livnat, Danny Naveh, and Yisrael Katz, but I won’t be surprised when Silvan Shalom jumps ship over to Kadima once the elections are over. He's already stabbing Netanyahu in the back.

Big mistake on Netanyahu's part giving him the #2 position. Silvan still sees himself as a Sharon man.

Overall, this is a very positive development for the Likud.

The top 20 positions are mostly filled by people that clearly make the Likud a good place to vote for. They create a clear differentiation from Kadima that Silvan and his band of seat-huggers can't do.

I was worried that we'd get a bunch of nadas in the top positions.

But now the Likud can give a strong unified message that Kadima with it's mishmash of political refugees and parasites simply can't match.

We'll start to see the polls changing real soon.


Ezzie said...

I don't know individual ministers, but as I voted last night, these are your best posts. :)

Excellent analysis, good for Likud.

Anonymous said...

Why are the lefties always so bitter?

BTW doesn't it occur to you that kicking out Israeli citizens and giving their land to Arabs doesn't come accross as "pro Israel"?

Not Israeli, not Jewish, just an observer, but I don't think I would feel you liked me if you did that to me. Maybe I just have low self esteem?

JoeSettler said...

zsta: 'it's not the one the public wants'

You know, in the last election (where it counts) the public overwhelmingly voted Right and clearly rejected the ideologies of Meretz and Labor (and Mitzna's disengagement).

So I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Polls in Irael, as Peres can repeatedly confirm, are effectively meaningless.

You might have forgotten, but it's only because Sharon caused many Likud MKs to vote against both the Likud mandate and the Likud platform, (and then brought Labor into his government against the will of the Likud membership), that we, the voters, did not get what we clearly and overwhelmingly elected, while the radical Left-wing minority get some of their sickest wishes fulfilled.

And I'm going to go with Tim's answer too.

And thanks Ezzie.

stillruleall said...

The list looks good, the problem is you still have Limor Livnat in there-not to mention Bibi!

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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