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Friday, January 13, 2006
In a disappointing turn of events due to Likud primary rules, it turns out that positions after the 18th are reserved for newcomers and candidates from specific sectors.

So unfortunately, Michael Ratzon and Ehud Yatom got pushed way down to positions 30 and 31. Though some of the candidate from 19 on are also good.

Next week I plan to post a complete Likud Scorecard.

It will list each Likud candidate, his voting record (where relevant), political stance, and so on.

Shabbat Shalom


Anonymous said...

i am not sure who to vote. just recently the uzi dayan said that netanyahu would rip jews from their homes as well. kadima is out of the question and i have such disdain for meretz that it flows out my ears. anyways, cool site. please check out mine and make a name on xanga and comment!!

westbankmama said...

I am looking forward to your scorecard. I don't know enough about the candidates.

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