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Monday, January 30, 2006

In this exclusive photo (taken by Jameel during the Gaza deportation) the writing was already on the wall.

Even before the IDF abandoned Neve Dekalim and its Jewish residents had finished packing, Hamas flags were already flying on evacuated buildings and walls at one end of the town.

The message was as clear then as it was this week - Hamas won.

Why is everyone so surprised?


Anonymous said...

I guess the army was so busy kicking out the Jews they were too busy to stop the Hamas from physically entering into a Jewish Yishuv.

yitz said...

And today [Wednesday]:

Al Aksa University Builds in N'vei Dekalim

Al Aksa University is expanding its campus on the ruins of the former Gush Katif town of N'vei Dekalim. Office buildings, classrooms and student clubs have already been constructed at the site.


JoeSettler said...

We were all over. Jameel started in the Northern Shomron.

I personally spent a few days sneaking people into GK from the outside.

Eventually we used certain connections to get ourselves into GK at the end.

Read our blogs at the very beginning for the whole story (well parts of it at least).

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