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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
As I mentioned, everyone was expecting the Beerot Yonatan outpost to be destroyed by the army.

And so it was, yesterday.

Everything of value (including the youth) was removed in advance, so while the soldiers took out their anger on whatever they could find, ripping and destroying what was left behind, nothing of real value was lost.

And without any youths there, they couldn’t beat them up like they did at other outposts.


Now that it’s been made public, I can finally discuss it.

As you might recall, I mentioned that I don't think that in the long-term outposts like these help resolve anything. The army/police simply comes in and destroys all the “illegal structures” and beats up whoever is there.

It’s just a game of cat and mouse.

We’ve been working on different/better solutions, and this is what we've come up for Beerot Yonatan.

Just like the Arabs have illegally occupied the State land on the town of Efrat’s border to plant fields, (unofficially) the town of Efrat will also be building an agricultural farm on the land.

The army will have to decide at that point what to do. Do they uphold the law, ignore the law, or hypocritically and selectively enforce it only against the Jews?

There will a planting ceremony in the near future.

Details will be published soon.


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