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Monday, January 09, 2006
I’ve attempted to translate the piece below (perhaps too freely) and maintain its eloquence and heartfelt plea. Any failing in that are mine and not the authors.

"הרחבה כנגד החרבה"
Construction against Destruction
by a member of “Youth for Eretz Yisrael”

We hear every day on the news that construction of the fence is continuing, about another bomb victim, about the expulsion of Jews from Hebron, about the deportees from Gush Katif – still without a solution.

The wounds from this summer are still open and festering, while our grasp on our only land continues to slip from between our fingers.

We are unable to stand speechless anymore.
We can no longer sit at home in silence.

This is how we feel, the members of “Youth for Eretz Yisrael” and “The Eretz Yisrael Loyalists”.

We joined together before Sukkot to transform this spirit of defeat and passivism (submissiveness) that now infects our community, to instead strengthen our connection with our homeland.

It began with a march to Sebastia with a thousand youths and adults. It continued with the construction of 4 outposts over Sukkot with the message, “Construction – not Destruction”

This Chanukkah we built 21 outposts in Judea & Samaria, and our supporters lit Chanukkah candles in the mountains and city centers of Israel.

We plan and will continue to go up and build on more and more Jewish hills for a number of critical reasons.

- In the past years, no new Jewish towns were built in Judea & Samaria (just expansion of existing frameworks). So while Jewish residents are being closed into their communities like in a ghetto, the Arab enemy walks freely through the homeland.

- We are coming to show everyone with strength and pride that the Jewish people are here!

- The land of Israel is for the Nation of Israel, not our Arab enemy.

- It is clear to us that any land that we do not embrace, will be seized by the Arabs.

- And of course, the separation fence that is a decree of destruction on Jewish life in Judea & Samaria – we will fight in due order.

The purpose of the construction of the Outposts is to wake up the public, to return the focus of Eretz Yisrael to our daily lexicon.

We hope, with G/d’s help, with the additional of help of many of those that are still faithful to our homeland and Torah, that we will continue our construction activities and the result of which will be that the political parties of the Right will raise their voices in pride and represent us in strength and honor.

Everyone who takes an active step is blessed:
- Those who can join and help with the “Face-to-face” organization to help bring back the hearts of our people that have gone so far away.
- Those who can work the media to get our message across and influence others.
- And those who want to join our organization.

The point is – do something.

It’s easy to sit at home and do nothing, only to tell others that they aren’t doing the right thing, when you yourself do nothing.

The responsibility falls on all of us. We need to act immediately, in everyway possible.

It’s time you start too – today.


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