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Thursday, January 05, 2006
As we wait for more news to be released, I think it is pretty clear that Netanyahu is likely to be our next Prime Minister. At this point (with his weak moral fiber), I find that to also be a scary prospect.

Rumor has it that Sharon asked President Katsav to replace him as Acting Prime Minister while he was to undergo tomorrow’s (anticipated) surgery, not that that stopped Olmert from taking over. I guess everyone unelectable deserves one chance to be PM in Israel, even if it is by default.

At this point Sharon will either buy the farm or go back to it. I personally hope it’s the second. Let him enjoy his retirement in peace, perhaps with only an occasional Kassam lobbed his way.

This will certainly send the nominees in a tizzy. Everyone will want to run back to their mother party. Netanyahu will probably be weak and say yes (Livnat and Shalom will be pushing him that way). Peretz will certainly say yes to Peres. Olmert will run as the head of what’s left of Kadima. Shinui will get their lost votes back. NRP is still going to disappear (either by lack of votes, or by pulling a "Meimad").

It’s a shame that Sharon made the choices he did in the past few years, whatever his motivation or intended (but also unknown) goals.

Expelling Jews from their homes, not peace and security, will be Sharon’s everlasting legacy.


JoeSettler said...

It will be interesting to see if 61 votes might be found next week to establish Ruby Rivlin as temporary acting PM until the elections (instead of Olmert).

Jerusalemcop said...

i agree with your sentments Joe, lets hope he lives to 120, but on his farm in a quiet life of retirement.

westbankmama said...

How long do you think it will take before they find some "right wing nutjob" to express happiness at Sharon's stroke?

I give it a few hours.

Jerusalemcop said...

so long???

Truth said...

"right wing nutjob" here, westbankmamajamma:

I offer an interesting medical discovery they have made while 'treating' the DiKtator shaKron: Eureka! They discovered how to turn about 412 kilos of pork into a vegetable!

Furthermore, you can sure expect them to use the 'Arafat syndrome maneuver' here: keep Porky the Tyrant 'alive' just long enough to allow the regime to 'stabilise' itself, then we'll get the 'tragic and bitter announcement'.

With love of Israel and true sorrow over the fate of 10,000 of my bretheren and sisters who have no homes or livelihood due to the one [overfed and needlessly wealthy through criminal means] some brainwashed victim thinks I should be concerned over...


Harry said...

Find? Just look at the message above and meander over to the talkbacks at Ynet and Ha'aretz. One doesn't have to look far. Disgusting.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shofar News posted about the Katzav vs. Olmert replacement option.

Anonymous said...

While I am a proud right wing nut job.( Though everyone calls us that because they cant show we are wrong from the Torah. Since name calling is a lot easier than debate.) I am also against celebrating. Yes Sharon's name in up there with the Evil Kings of the Past Achav, Mennase, Herod. But the Gemara in Megilla says that we must never celebrate the death of a Jew.( Though it is encouraged to celebrate the downfall of evil Goyim.)

Truth said...

Well sorry you poor victims of misplaced love, I might suggest you pay more attention to your prayers [good example: 'laMalshinim...', etc., in Shemonah Esreh, exactly who are you praying for to die [ie, 'kereggah ya'aveidu'] right now? Hint: all the 'categories' are types of evil Jews].

In any case, I repeat, I'm too busy feeling pain for the pig's 10,000 or more victims to have much time to worry about him, either way.

However, I really, truly and deeply feel terrible sympathy for those unfortunate underpaid and overworked hospital staff who are going to be changing those diapers, though...


JoeSettler said...

I would really recommend that some of the commentors on this post read Shmuel I, chapters 18 through 28.

Specifically consider what Shaul did, and David’s subsequent reaction and response.

Truth said...

Say it ain't so, Joe...

Are you really trying to equate shaKron with Shaul, a"h?

Or are you trying to tell us that shaKron only made one sin in his entire life (just like Shaul did by not killing all of Amalek yshu"z), and all the rest of shaKron's misdeeds were due to 'an evil spirit placed upon him by HaShem' (as is clearly stated in the text you mention, regarding Shaul's persecutions of David)???

Give me a break...


JoeSettler said...

I am saying that a certain level of respect is due to someone who is/was the appointed leader of the Jewish People.

Shaul killed the Cohanim of Nob in his attempt to kill David, and still David refuses to directly assault or insult him.

The Medrash says that even Queen Esther was (quickly) punished for calling Achashverosh an animal, even if she may have been right.

I'm only going to say that if you don't like Sharon, then fight against his message, his values, and his actions.

That's what I do.

But calling him a pig is now officially off-limits on this blog, because of Halachic and Midrashic precedent.

'an evil spirit placed upon him'

I am willing to entertain that he had a minor stroke 2-3 years ago.

I am willing to entertain that without his wife guiding him, his inner, misguided nature took over (with help from Weissglass and Omri).

I am willing to entertain that he was pressured from outside forces.

I am even willing to entertain that he felt the Left pushed us so far into a bad corner that he saw no other options.

So yes, 'an evil spirit placed upon him'.

Truth said...


Thanks for responding in such a serious manner.

So, your bottom line here is:

1) A. Sharon was a good Jew who did some bad things (to 10,000 + better Jews) because of a combination of circumstances.

2) A. Sharon was holy by the mere fact of his being PM, no less than Achashverush (being a king) or any appointed Jewish Leader.

3) A. Sharon was not himself a member of the 'Left'.

4) His [second, and sister of his first] wife was 'better' than him.

5) His son and Weissglass were 'worse' than him.

So, at the end of [his] day, it turns out 'the Bulldozer' was never more than a pathetic tool, always being 'driven' by others, the 'fall guy' for the repercussions of their agendas [and vitriol of observers such as myself].

At least the poor sap never lacked for food or shelter [or perpetual trust worth about $16 million which includes that 'Sycamore Ranch'].


JoeSettler said...

There's no time before Shabbat for me to answer your intentional misunderstanding of what I wrote, but don't worry, I plan to.

JoeSettler said...

Over Shabbat I gave thought whether to answer your comment, but my comment was extremely clear and you chose to deliberately distort it.
That is not the response of someone who claims to have or seeks the...


Truth said...


1) Sorry, but I was being serious when I thanked you for taking time to elaborate a serious, detailed response to the issue being discussed.

2) I sincerely apologise again for giving you the impression that I was 'intentionally' or otherwise misunderstanding what you wrote. All I did was re-present what you wrote, 'distilled' to the essence of your position, in my opinion (and I'm sorry that you unintentionally misunderstood me, but it's likely my fault for being too terse).

3) Let me spell it out clearly here, and see if I truly misunderstand/misrepresent what you stated:

You say Sharon may have indeed perpetrated many an evil deed, but he was chosen (by HaShem) to 'lead' us, and therefore we have no business disrespecting him so balatantly(perhaps even crudely) - to which you gave as support, the well-known episodes of Shaul and David. [And I emphasise here, you did indeed stress that we should object to and 'fight' against his actions, but not 'disrespect' him or make fun of him or rejoice now that he's 'on the way out', and implied how important it is to give the benefit of the doubt, ie, dan l'kaf zchut].

Certainly, it's your blog, and you make the rules here.

I certainly respect both you and your (clear) positions, both personally and ideologically.

Almost certainly I share the same goals (nationally/religiously) with you.

However, my approach is obviously different than yours.

I think it's clear that I wasn't even implying that you shouldn't carry out your means to the end, or even that you are wrong in your way (for you or anyone else who has the same approach).

What I was indeed stressing is that my way is different than yours (and yours is a rather common approach actually, far more 'popular' than mine), and I even elaborated on why I see it this way, and why I act differently (and feel differently) than you would in this matter.

However that doesn't mean that I distorted anything (intentionally or otherwise).

I'm going to ignore your personal 'swipe' at me at the end of that last post (about why you won't respond further).

All I can add is that based upon your indignancy at my 'extremism', it's a good thing that I didn't quote the following (and more):

Why Sharon is worse than a 'goy' (if he is even actually halachically Jewish in the first place, but that's another issue):

רמב"ם הלכות עדות פי"א הי"א

המוסרין והאפיקורוסין והמינים והמשומדים לא הוצרכו חכמים למנות אותן בכלל פסולי העדות שלא מנו אלא רשעי ישראל. אבל אלו המורדין הכופרין פחותין הן מן הגויים שהגויים לא מעלין ולא מורידין ויש לחסידיהן חלק לעולם הבא ואלו מורידין ולא מעלין ואין להן חלק לעולם הבא.

Why even family members of one such as this should dress up and make a feast at his demise:

שולחן ערוך יורה דעה סימן שמה סעיף ה

כל הפורשים מדרכי צבור, והם האנשים שפרקו עול המצות מעל צוארם, ואין נכללים בכלל ישראל בעשייתם, ובכבוד המועדות וישיבת בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות, אלא הרי הם כבני חורין לעצמן כשאר האומות, וכן המומרים והמוסרים, כל אלו אין אוננים ואין מתאבלים עליהם, אלא אחיהם ושאר קרוביהם לובשים לבנים ומתעטפים לבנים ואוכלים ושותים ושמחים.


Anonymous said...

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