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Saturday, January 07, 2006

As there wasn’t much time on Friday between leaving Beerot Yonatan and getting back to my own village in Liberated Israel, I didn’t have time to post the pictures and comments from the "event".

In an attempt to stake a claim on more and more of the Land of Israel, instead of squatting, regional Arabs grab more and more land and plant farms on them, and then claim that the land and the farm was always theirs and there (despite pictures and documents that clearly show otherwise).

That is not to say that all the arab farms you see are illegally acquired, but many and certain strategic ones definitely are.

In response to the army destroying the Beerot Jonathan Outpost, it was decided that (l'havdil) like the Arabs we must also plant a farm to strengthen our claim to the land.

It will have the additional benefit of requiring that the army explain to the courts (not that the courts care) why they are destroying an "illegal" Jewish farm, while not doing the same to the illegal Arab farm just meters away.

We were honored with the presence of Esther Pollard (Jonathan's wife) who planted the first grape vine, and then we were surprised with a personal phone call from Jonathan himself!!!

All the while we were under threat from the army and police that arrived on the scene to disperse and arrest us.

Personally, I don't think the policeman understood when I suggested to him that he arrest Esther first, that way she could join her husband in jail.


Jerusalemcop said...

thanks for the comment on my site.

Here's one from me.


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