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Thursday, January 05, 2006
(...or not)

Baruch Dayan Emet.

The unconfirmed report states that Sharon is brain dead after extensive brain stem bleeding.


Jerusalemcop said...

baruch dayan emet


Anonymous said...

One can hope that they dont keep him on ice for a few weeks like Mssr. Arafat until they sort out who gets what.

JoeSettler said...

Israel TV is explicitly saying that certain very specific rumors regarding the death of the PM are false, and that his condition is critical, but his vital signs are stable (he’s on a respirator).

Anonymous said...


confirmed the prime minister is dead

JoeSettler said...

errr, wrong one?

Ezzie said...

Joe, it's Amshi. :)

But please edit the post - it made me rush to the news to read what happened!

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Baruch HaShem Yitbarach, Sharon is not physically dead, just politically so. Baruch HaShem, it came from Above, no one in the tzibbur dati will be blamed for his murder. Sharon has fallen without a new Yigal Amir coming up.
Yehuda and Shomron -- what's left of it-- , for now, are safe... that is, until the next crazy piece-maker comes along.
For now, let's thank HaShem, we're going to make it past Sharon.

JoeSettler said...

got it straight from ****** who didn't want to post it himself.

It may still very well be true.

There are issues of political/financial stability involved here that would require that certain things be predetermined before he is officially declared dead in order to avoid some obvious difficulties.

JoeSettler said...

ezzie: I changed it just for you.

Ezzie said...

Thanks Joe. But you may be right...

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