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Monday, January 09, 2006

It's voting time for the JIB (Jewish & Israeli Blogs) awards and

Only YOU can help JoeSettler win!!!

If you want to help promote the message that JoeSettler is bringing to the world then please vote "JoeSettler".

"JoeSettler" is running in 3 categories:

1. Best Israel Advocacy

2. Best Politics

Life in Israel

Click on each link, and then select "JoeSettler" from category A, and then click "Vote".

You can vote every 3 days -
so remember, don't just vote - vote often (just like in the Labor party).

Thank you!

First round of voting begins on Jan. 9 and ends Jan. 19, 2006.
Final round of voting will be Jan 24- Feb 2.
The winners will be announced on Feb 7.

Don't forget to also vote for the Muqata here (column B)


Ze'ev said...

Joe, since this is election time here in Israel and withthe JIB's, perhaps you can elaborate on exactly what the message Joe Settler is bringing ot the world...

Otheriwise, I might need to vote for that sheet of toilet paper over at the JIB's.

JoeSettler said...


If you can't figure it out by now, after all these months as a faithful reader...perhaps you shouldn't be allowed to vote?


Ze'ev said...

Joe, I know the message, but with such fierce competition in the voting, and with all the blogs putting out vote for me posts - you should take it to then next level - If you give the voters a reason, they will come.

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