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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Since (when it comes to terrorism), there is no functional difference between Hamas and Fatah (other than one claims to be religious and the other not), I'm not sure what the big deal really is.

As the PLO's PA's peace partner, we gave money and weapons to one terrorist group (Fatah) who directly funneled them to the other (Hamas) - now we are just cutting out the middle man.

Look on the plus side, maybe we'll pass on some of the savings to help the poor.


bec said...

i thought the election was between

more terror


terror, more or less.

JoeSettler said...

phishaliyah: Hamas will be held as accountable as Fatah has been over the years.

Don't be surprised when the "unconnected" splinter groups start popping up, somehow fully armed and funded.

Anonymous said...

Olmert, and the Quartet, need a "negotiating partner" more than Hamas needs them. So the West are the ones that are going to have to capitulate, not Hamas.

JoeSettler said...

I gotta go with levi on this one.

Anonymous said...

Re: cutting out the middle man;

Hopefully the old Mafia Dons from Fatah won't go down quietly; their red blood, mixed with their yellow flags, will bring us the orange we love so much.

tafka PP said...

Mmm Hmm. Like these elections are only about us.

westbankmama said...

the artist - do you think that the Hamas win will make a difference to the Arab on the street? Will they really get rid of corruption? I know that Hamas uses some of its international donations to help their poor - do you think that they will continue?

JoeSettler said...

pp: The central focus (perhaps even the mandate) of this particular blog is all about 'us' - the Third Jewish Commonwealth in the land of Israel.

Which particular Arab terrorist is currently running their government is irrelevant.

Do I really care that their president denies the holocaust and was the number 2 PLO terrorist (after Arafat) for over 30 years, or that their legislature is made up of people that have been directly involved in terrorist attacks against Jews.

There is no difference, so it is irrelevant to this blog.

JoeSettler said...

Wbm: Of course they will help their poor and fight corruption. There’s no question about that.

We may also see Hamastan turn into a mini-Iran religiously.

And they will also continue to attack us, directly or through “breakaway” splinter cells.

JoeSettler said...

pp: Read what Jameel wrote to see that it really makes no difference who actually won.

Anonymous said...

you hit the spot.The most sad part is the world will now rationalize hamas behavior,similar to what it did with fatah behavior.

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