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Thursday, January 19, 2006;action=display;num=1137624855

Holy Moly. These people are off the wall!

Beintzi Lieberman! Why don't they just call me Shaul Goldstein while they're at it.


Anonymous said...

Who are we to say "I hope G-d kills him soon so".........
There are ways to articulate without having to reduce ourselves to such a level.

Ezzie said...

Hey, Joe, you're a moderate! Who knew! :)

Anonymous said...

it sounds to me that joesettler is neither left, right or moderate but an above board, honest, ethical, extremely intelligent joesettler trying to right the wrongs of this upside down society...i say bravo to all those who try......but much more needs to be done to give public awareness to these stories......
good luck.....

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