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Friday, January 20, 2006
Yesterday I said that I was going to reveal a secret.

It’s a secret known to only a select few: some settlers, some MKs and employees of the government, various members of the extremist Peace Now, Talia Sasson, and very soon, you too.

It’s a secret that has to do with “illegal” outposts.

And this particular secret has to do with the outpost of Amona (near Ofra), the 40 family "outpost" that Olmert plans to overrun and destroy with thousands of troops in the very near future.

But first let me give you some background.

The latest story with Amona began when the HJC (Israeli High Court of Justice) was petitioned that Amona was on stolen Arab land and construction should be stopped, and buildings demolished.

But here's a catch, the Arab owners, the injured party, were not the ones petitioning the HJC!

So who was it then?

We'll get to that in a minute.

In the meantime, let me give you a little more background information.

The Palestinian Authority has a standing law. Any Palestinian who sells land to a Jew will be executed. Period.

And therein lies the problem, because there are plenty of Arabs that would love to sell their land to Jewish buyers, but they just don’t want to be strung up on a lamppost, mutilated, and then shot.

And there are plenty of Jews who want to buy land from Arabs, but don’t want them to be tortured and killed because of a simple commercial transaction.

The Secret begins to be revealed.
So in comes some mysterious groups of Jews and they make a deal.

You see, the land is bought, deeds and all, clear and proper through various channels, and the Jews in turn agree to not disclose the identity of the seller (to protect the Arab’s lives).

In many cases (particularly if protecting them won’t be possible) the Arab seller along with his family are resettled in a Western country where they live comfortably without any more threats of execution on their heads.

And this is exactly how the land of Amona was acquired.

So now you’re still asking yourself, “If that’s the case, then when it went before the Israeli Supreme Court ( HCJ), why didn’t the settlers simply pull out the Proof of Purchase?”

Ahh, herein lies the story. To understand it, once again, you need just a little more background information.

As I mentioned before, the most recent story with Amona started when the HJC was petitioned that Amona was on stolen Arab land and construction should be stopped, and buildings demolished.

But the former Arab owners, having sold the land were not the ones petitioning the HJC at all.

Let me repeat that in case you missed it; the former Arab owners, having sold the land were not the ones petitioning the HJC.

They sold the land – 100% legal (except in the Palestinian Authority - wow, talk about apartheid!), and there is written documentation that backs that sale up.

If they went to court saying the land was stolen, the Jews would simply pull out the contracts and...


Instant bullet in the head for the Arab sellers (of course, only after being dragged around Ramallah for a while behind a speeding truck - probably stolen).

So who then petitioned the HJC, you are probably still asking yourself?

Why, in the Amona case, it was none other than Peace Now.

You see, they know the settlers would never reveal the Arab’s identities and get those innocent people killed, so Peace Now comes in with their scheme to further implement the destruction of everything Jewish (in Judea/Samaria).

The settlers, having no desire to see the Arabs murdered, won’t pull out the contracts (unless the Arab tries a double cross - and this has happened with properties around the Old City of Jerusalem and the contracts did get pulled out).

And that is why, not even a single Arabs claimant has shown up in the past 10 years (or even gets named as a claimant or petitioner in the Peace Now petition) to make a claim on the Amona land stolen from them – because it simply was never stolen.

So there you have it. The dirty little secret.

Jews secretly buy land from Arabs.
Arabs secretly sell land to Jews.
And then Peace Now tries to get innocent Arabs killed and Jews kicked off their fairly purchased property - all in the name of Peace.

Sick world, isn't it sometimes?


Ezzie said...

Oy. And here, I was waiting for a secret! :)

Excellent post. Why can't the argument to the HJC be simply, "Okay, show us some people who got robbed?"

Milhouse said...

Since you have no trackbacks, Ping!

JoeSettler said...

ezzie: I assume that it has to do with who has the Burden of Proof once the issue is forced to be addressed in court.

As long as no one is really making it an issue,(and why would they? all the involved parties are happy) things go on quietly, but once Peace Now forces everyone to take official notice, then things follow court procedure.

Why do you think Talia Sasson had so little success/assistance pulling information out of the various government offices?

Say the name "El Ad" and watch certain people go crazy.

Read this for fun:

stillruleall said...

It seems from the Peace Now website that they didnt send in the initial petition to get rid of Amona, the order had already been given and they petitioned that it wasnt being carried out. But it had already been determined that t was illegal before Peace Now got involved

JoeSettler said...

I specifically said 'the latest story'.

There was a previous court order to prevent further expansion of various outposts as well as demanding demolition of some homes (and not just in Amona)

After all, there is an "official" government policy to freeze all settlement growth due to US pressure. (But unofficially Sharon did say, 'grab every hilltop you can'.)

So it is also quietly overlooked by the government who have no interest in dismantling the State.

But Peace Now keeps running to the EU and the US (u'l'malshininim lo t'hi tikva) to get pressure put on Israel.

And as a result Israel keeps getting forced to take official notice, even if that isn't in our best interest.

I think the most telling point is the Peace Now response of January 3, 2006:

"Peace Now responded in court that there are no objections to add them to the appeal submitted, if they can provide documentation that proves they have legal residence rights or land ownership right."

Amazing. The landowners aren't coming forward, because they sold the land.
Peace Now is fighting this battle alone, knowing that they will get these Arabs killed if the Settlers pull out the documents.

Anonymous said...

It's not a secret that Peace Now is a self-hating Jewish organization.

JoeSettler said...

There are two competing streams in Israel.

The first claims to be the champions of human rights and the rule of law, yet duly ignore them when dealing with Jews and even their documented land rights in Yesha.

The second is accused of ignoring human rights and the rule of law, yet goes out of its way to purchase its properties from its previous Arab owners for more than full cash value, and then protects the Arab’s identities, even to their own potential financial and physical detriment.

I stand with the accused.

Anonymous said...

The evil Jews are buying land in Jerusalem.

But the courts approved it, How shall we stop them?

JoeSettler said...

1) Simplified? I don’t think so. I am merely conveying the exact hypocritical caricatures that we on the Right are besieged with daily. We are caricaturized as the lawless disrespecters of human rights and the Rule of Law, yet as can be plainly seen, our accusers seem to better fit that bill.

2) Let the Peacenuts post their responses on their own blogs, I am not here to give them a soapbox.

3) Now the above (2) is a rather amusing retort on my part, because as it happens, I actually happened to hear Peace Now's official response to your exact question on this very subject just the other day (from their spokesmen in their legal department), and so, in the end, I am going to post their response.

And Peace Now’s response is that ‘Peace Now’s only interest is promoting peace. Jewish settlements in Judea & Samaria are obstacles to peace. Peace Now is not interested in Arab construction or land expansion, because those are not issues that negatively affect peace. Investigating and exploring Arab activities is not within our purview for promoting peace.’

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have said it better.

JoeSettler said...

Actually he didn't say 'Judea & Samaria'. He said 'over the green line'.

Anonymous said...

1) The fact that the petitioner were not the previous arab owners is irrelevant. In america the aclu is suing bush/white house re:eavesdropping even though they never claimed to have been eavesdropped upon. While it may seem like a valid point, in democratic countries which abide by the rule of law, the petitioner, in cases that affect society as a whole, is not limited to the parties involved directly. This is a fact of law. You don't like it go live in a monarchy or dictatorship.
2)The blogger implies that a jew buying arab land makes it Israeli land. So is my new home in chicago Israeli land to because I am jewish? Even if the PLO/PA did not have a law against selling land to jews the sale of a piece of property does not change the status of the soviergn nation's claim where the land is located.
3)driving around in a "probably" stolen truck...joesettler does not merely imply racisim, his post reeks of it.
The fact of the matter is that this response has nothing to do with wether or not I am pro-Israel (I am)if Israel wants to go to war and take over every drop of arab land that is fine by me. In this world, as has been proven many times, might makes right and yada yada yada. But Joe Settlers post is merely ignorant rhetoric designed to persuade emotionally regardless of facts.
Its nice to assign reason for other people's actions, but joe settler did not actually investigate the truth behind peacenow's motivation. He may be right,probably not, but maybe. His point however is destroyed by his racist emotionally driven rhetoric.

JoeSettler said...

My response to this loser is in the main blog section.

Anonymous said...

But Dan, does your being a Jew mean that you should be thrown out of the land you bought in Chicago? We are talking about planned evictions here based on race. Is that not racist?

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, oh aclu-breath. The ACLU is not the plaintiff in the case against the National Security Agency ("bush/white house"). The ACLU is the filer of the suit. See, for example, which names the plaintiffs, none of whom are part of the ACLU. In a full democracy, if there are no plaintiffs, there is no case. That is a basic part of the democratic legal system. However, if you prefer the systems of government which allows suits to be brought on behalf of no-one, go live in a monarchy or dictatorship. Or Israel --- whichever you prefer.


Anonymous said...

While the overall thrust of your post is true, 1) I'm not sure how true it is relating specifically to Amona, and, more importantly
2) Amona and Ofra may now be paying the "price" - admittedly a long time in coming - for very, very, very actively "discouraging" other settler groups from establishing legal "outposts" nearby.

Ask any of the Amona folks (or better yet the Ofra folks, b/c the Amona folks were probably 15 year old kids when this happend) if they remember the "Ofni" hilltop. Then ask them about the Ofra/Amona folks who went to the media AND Peace Now to "report" on the Ofni group who were trying to establish a settlement (with Amana's blessing I might add), and did everything possible to discredit and destroy it - so they could "protect" the Amona hilltop they were developing.

They brought Peace Now on themselves. I think the word "boomerang" is what comes to mind here.

So yes, I'd defend the rights of Jews to live anywhere in E"Y. And I'd oppose the destruction of settlements. But just a little bit of Amona and it's history makes me want to sit on my couch and watch it on TV - and think that perhaps Moetzet Yesha has once again bungled it, by choosing Amona as the site of it's (for how many times already) "Last Stand".

JoeSettler said...

I've got the Amona details from the horses mouth, so to speak. I'm not familiar with the Ofni story, but B"EH I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

OK, that's reasonable. The Ofni folks have spread out a bit, but the core of the group eventually established something in your neck of the woods. It always pays to hear both sides of the story.

I want to stress that I'm not trying to paint all of Amona or Ofra with one brush. There were people in Ofra and people in Moetzet Yesha that were very supportive of Ofni. But there were also people in Ofra who called in the media and basically "ratted on" the Ofni hill in order to protect various interests such as the Amona hill which had just gotten started and possibly also relating to issues of the vaadat klita and the type of settlement certain groups felt that Ofra needed to be - and of course which the Ofni group wasn't.

יש שכר לפעולתך נאום ה

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