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Monday, January 09, 2006
Very interesting article. Check it out.


haKiruv said...

Very interesting. Being in computers, I've always also wondered what job opportunities were in the settlement areas.

JoeSettler said...

The same as it is anywhere else in Israel.

The settlements aren't in some isolated location.

A siginificant number of them are between a 5 to 25 minute commute to the nearest city (and related hitech park) - just like it is for most other people living in Israel.

Anonymous said...

is there any organization that tracks, with pictures and identities, those who carry out anti-yehudi policies?

with this information, much like that of the police who senselessly beat that old man and girls, we could summon them now to yehudi court, and pronounce a din. later, when there is a true memshelet yehudit, we can carry out the din, along with nuremburg type trials for the major kapos.

in the meantime, everyone who engaged in criminal behavior could be put on notice that they will eventually pay for every crime. this may make a major impact on how people behave.

they would receive a summons, and they would have an opportunity to pay a small fee for a chance to defend themselves, or face a default judgement. the evidence would be arrayed before them, and they would have to explain their actions.

it would promote a sense of responsibility for one's actions, that one was to held accountable, and this could force people to think twice rather than follow blindly.

further, people like dalia itzik and haim ramon and olmert would have to proceed in the face of clear warnings that this behavior would have serious repercussions. this oculd force them to want to move more democratically.

these are just quick thoughts, unedited.

JoeSettler said...

anonymous: You should get together with Truth and get it going.

Anonymous said...

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