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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
You’re probably asking yourself, what in the world do these things have in common?

A typical leftist might say the letter ‘B’, but I asked Jameel, as a right-wing test case, and he made the correct connection right away.

You see, these are all items related to crimes that the Arabs have publicly accused Israel of committing, yet never actually happened.

It began with Bubble Gum (first in 1983 and then again in 1997).
The Palestinians began to accuse Israel of lacing their bubble gum with hormones that either amplified or eradicated the sex drive (among other side effects). Go figure.

Perhaps only the gullible believed them then.

But then in 2000 we faced the story of Muhhamad Durah, the Arab boy reportedly shot by Israeli bullets in cold blood on TV. Turns out it didn’t happen.

I believe it was in 2002, Arafat, standing next to Shimon Peres on international TV accused Israel of shooting (illegal) uranium depleted bullets at Palestinians.

Peres, shocked into stupidity by this blatant lie on live tv, froze - reactionless to this wild accusation (perhaps he thought it might be true). And when he finally did answer days later, it was far too late. The damage was done.

And of course who can forget Pallywood (I guess that kills the leftist ‘B’ theory), and the Jenin Massacre (uh, what Jenin massacre?).

But what of the ‘branches’?

Well lately a new version of the bubble gum and bullets story has emerged. The evil settler is cutting down Arab olive tree branches, and it is unquestionably accepted, after all the evil settler is the perpretrator.

Today, Leftist MK Ron Cohen called for the shooting of Settlers in response.

Only, it turns out, the branches story isn’t quite true.

You see, near the village of Yitzhar (where much of these evil atrocities against the Palestinian olive branches were supposed to have occurred), someone brought in a video camera.

And on that video camera we see the Arabs cutting down their own branches, wholesale.

Perhaps MK Ran Cohen also wants some bubble gum while he is targeting settlers?

Bubble Gum, Bullets and Branches.

End of Story.


Anonymous said...

joe, why r u ranking on ron cohen?

He just demanded the army and police shoot down Arabs cutting off olive branches. he's my hero.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: Despite your claims, weren't there SOME Jewish settlers who were definitely found guilty of cutting down Arab-owned olive trees?

JoeSettler said...

Yeah, they were the same ones that spiked the Arab bubble gum with aphrodisiacs.

westbankmama said...

Great post, I linked to it on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you investigating and writing about these events, but is it really neccessary to point the finger by using labels? I don't have a problem with identifying someone who was wrong, but by trying to get your point across by negatively implying that someone with a left ideology is the bad person, is offensive, disrespectful and doesn't really help with the fact finding.

JoeSettler said...

I believe the finger was pointed at the settlers and everyone unconditionally jumped down on us without any investigation - simply accepting all the Arab lies as fact, because it must be true of all settlers.

I don't think a leftist is necessarily a bad person, but yes I find the ideology offensive and disresepctful.

JoeSettler said...

Leftist Ron Cohen calls for the shooting of Settlers and I still haven't heard a single significant leftist get up and say that that was wrong - regardless whether a settler did anything or not.

That is offensive and disrespectful.

I haven't heard a single leftist apologize and say, hmmm, maybe the Arabs were lying, again, and we fell for it like idiots, again.

No, because it fits in the leftist ideology to blame the settler (for no peace, for missiles, for suicide bombers, for reserve duty).

Thank G/d for Chareidim, because at least they get to shoulder some of the blame too.

I don't think we settlers would be able to physically stand taking the blame for absolutely everything that's wrong in this country otherwise.

That is offensive and disrespectful.

The Arabs are repeatedly caught faking deaths and injuries (Pallywood as just some documented examples), but the typical leftist doesn't really care, because he ultimately believes that the arab is the victim anyway, so therefore he can overlook and excuse any exageration on their part,and immediately believe the next lie.

That is offensive and disrespectful.

And that's why Peres was shocked silent. He couldn't believe that Arafat could lie to his face like that on international TV. So he thought it must be true.

The leftist's first reaction to any arab statement is gullibility because it preys on the innate hatred and disrespect of the right within the philosophy.

That should be offensive and disrespectful even to leftists.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the place to do it, but I would be sincerely interested in learning what exactly is offensive and disrespectful about the ideology? Are you referring to Israel/Torah issues only, or globally?

I was reading Treppenwitz yesterday, and one of his readers, Lisa, from On the Face, wrote,

"The longer I live, the more clearly I understand that differences in lifestyle, religious belief or shades of political opinion are irrelevant - as long as core values about tolerance, respect and humanity are shared. "

Do you think this is true, or is this a naive statement?

Thanks for you input.

Anonymous said...

"So he thought it must be true"...are you privy to Peres thoughts? I am not familar with the outcome of it, Did Peres actually say that?


"The leftist's first reaction to any arab statement is gullibility because it preys on the innate hatred and disrespect of the right within the philosophy"

That statement is coming from emotions, rather than realizing that it's not a true statement, nor is it fair.

If you want emotions, then I think it's true to say that there is a reason why we are called bleeding heart liberals. Because we are empathetic and can see beyond without be blinded by hatred. But this is only my opinion and I would never make such an assumption for all of those who lean to the right, by accusing them of lacking compassion, empathy, ethics, or concern for all livingkind.

Joe, this is your blog, and I have no right to tell you what you should write, all I am saying is that nothing can ever be accomplished when its easier to point fingers, call each other names, and make generalizations. These are serious issues, and the bottom line is that everyone truly loves and cares about Eretz Israel and its continuing existence, whether they are on the left or right, religious or not.

Ok...enough of my Kumbaya.

JoeSettler said...

I actually don’t care what anyone else believes. Let them believe the moon is made of green cheese as long as they don’t try to force their beliefs on me.

But when a group, based on their philosophy agitates, promotes, and influences to the point where my community is destroyed or they willingly accept openly hypocritical actions, such as only kicking out Jews who are squatting literally right next to Arabs who are squatting, or even worse, kicking out Jews who are living on undisputed Jewish owned land, then that group has lost any claim to values like tolerance, respect and humanity.

And if you want to claim that Settler feel the same about Arabs, I will simply respond that we Jews/Israelis are at war with the Arabs – even if Leftists forget or ignore that little fact.

“are you privy to Peres thoughts”

Arafat said it in Davos in 2001, Peres stood there completely dumbstruck, he mumbled something incomprehensible, and then gave his prewritten speech. (Barak at least got upset).

Only a few days later Peres spoke on TV in an interview that he researched it and that the accusation was false.

Am I privy to his thought? No. Could anyone with eyes see his physical reaction? Yes.

I think in Israel that first and foremost, there is a significant innate disrespect for religion and the Right in left-wing ideology/philosophy, not to mention a tremendous amount of guilt for “stealing” Arab land (in 1948).

It has nothing to do with “seeing beyond, without being blinded by hatred”.
You might want to imagine that left-wing ideology is so broadminded, but it isn’t.

Calling for the shooting of settlers by mainstream leftists like Ron Cohen or Yariv Oppenheimer is not very empathetic or broad-minded. Yossi Sarid calling us cancers is not broad-minded. Haaretz’s regular unfounded attacks on our community are not broadminded (unless broadminded refers to the size of the imagination).

Destroying entire communities and then letting the deportees rot is not very empathetic or broadminded.

The left-wing obsession with Settlers and (’67) settlements as the root/primary cause of the war with the Arabs is not broadminded.

You choose to not accept the stereotype that we settlers are “lacking compassion, empathy, ethics, or concern for all livingkind”. Good for you.

But I say first and foremost we care about our own, our fellow Jews. That’s (presumably) you and me. Because if we don’t care about ourselves first, the world has shown that no one else will. And we fully show compassion, empathy, ethics, towards our fellow Jew.

Afterwards, everyone else can get in line and we’ll give them all the compassion, empathy, ethics, or concern for all livingkind that they deserve as long as it doesn’t infringe on our inherent rights.

The leftist philosophy has become so universalistic, so humanistic, so borderless, and broadminded, that you’ve forgotten that not only does charity begin at home, but that if you don’t stand up for your own rights, you will get trampled on, openly lied to, and even ordered to allow Hamas to campaign in Jerusalem.

JoeSettler said...

“These are serious issues, and the bottom line is that everyone truly loves and cares about Eretz Israel and its continuing existence, whether they are on the left or right, religious or not.”

I agree, but the basic problem is that the left-wing agitated Oslo brought us more dead and crippled than ever before.

I don’t doubt that many on the Left love Eretz Yisrael (however they define the borders) even if many don’t understand why they are here.

The problem is that the left-wing ideology has brought, and continues to bring death and destruction to us on an unprecedented scale.

It’s time to accept that former and current left-wing philosophies (socialism, appeasement) have proven to be detrimental to our long-term existence and quality of life.

JoeSettler said...

Two articles worth reading:

All about hatred:,7340,L-3183073,00.html

I have little doubt that a typical leftist would probably feel pride in the broadminded education these Jewish kids are getting, while a right winger can only express horror at the mental/emotional child abuse that will affect these Jewish children for the rest of their lives:

(If any leftist would care to indicate that my observation is incorrect, I'd be happy to hear it).

Anonymous said...

Joe, thanks (sincerely). I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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