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Thursday, May 14, 2009
The secular (and I'm referring to what are known as the Tzfonbonim, the left-wing, Ashkenazi elitists) need to really make up their minds.

They can't stand religious Jews living far away from them "over the green line".

They complain that religious Jews have taken over Jerusalem and there are too many there, and the city needs to be taken back.

As I mentioned the other day they can't stand religious Jews living in Yafo in a more Arabic neighborhood.

And now they are complaining that religious Jews are moving into Ramat Aviv - Tzfoniville.

Unfortunately they haven't told us where it is OK to live, since even far away from them in religious "ghettos" is not acceptable.

The secular are calling it a war for democracy to prevent and block religious Jews from living were it is legal and acceptable for anyone else to move in to (as long as you aren't religious).

Some democracy they believe in.


mother in israel said...

Gideon Levy of Haaretz agrees with you! His op-ed is called Anti-Semitism in Tel Aviv.

JoeSettler said...

When Gideon Levy agrees with me, there is cause for concern.

JoeSettler said...

Oh not to worry.

He saying it's not politically correct to publicly hate Hareidim (while expressing his dislike of them quite clearly in the article).

And as to be expected he thinks Hareidim are, "incalculably preferable to the settlers".

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