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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Dan Meridor is showing his true colors, and it makes you wonder what he is doing in the Likud.

Some key points from the A7 article:

Meridor "is 'working very hard' and 'making every effort' to convince Binyamin Netanyahu to 'make history' by changing Israel's posture towards Syria and the idea of ceding the Golan Heights in return for a peace treaty."

"Meridor, who supported Kadima in the previous election but recently rejoined Likud, told him he was 'working hard' to put together a Likud coalition with Labor and Kadima."

"Meridor is considered very close to Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinisch. "

So, this is what Bibi really wants for his Likud, and is why he brought Meridor in.


Anonymous said...

Most Israelis have awakened to the fact that "appeasment policies" don't bring peace. But if conservative voters in Israel split their votes between too many political parties, their voting power will be diluted. And that could enable the appeasment party of Kadima to win. It would be best if conservative voters in Israel could rally behind "one" party. Do you think that will happen? I certainly understand the mistrust many have for Bibi. After all he signed the deal with Arafat. But many "real" zionists are still with Likud. According to the polls Likud has the best chance. It would certainly be better than Kadima. Would do you think? Is there a chance zionists will rally behind one party?

Anonymous said...

"Would do you think? Is there a chance zionists will rally behind one party?"

I think there's a very good chance of it -as long as the "zionists" can manage to join together in one party instead of every man forming his own little party.

Leah Goodman said...

Why can't Meridor just stick to fighting gum disease?!

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