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Monday, December 22, 2008
I was discussing this with Jameel last night.

Do you give Presents or Chanukah Gelt?

I'm not actually sure where either tradition began, so if someone can fill me in...

Anyway, growing up we usually got both (plus chocolate coins), but I think the presents had a bigger impact, after all, there was always that element of surprise and trying to figure out where your parents hid the gifts (plus in good years, there were 8 days of presents).

Jameel feels that the whole presents think is too Xmasy, and he only does the Gelt.

My kids are getting presents (toys, books, and puzzles).

And we all eat Latkes!

What do you do?


Tr8erGirl said...

i agree - gifts seem my son gets gelt from us, and gifts from family and tons of latkes!

Anonymous said...

My daughter craves the presents, so she got one on the first night. But I don't give my boys, who are older, presents. When they were younger, I remember giving them a sled one year. They barely used it.

Yeah, they all got tons of latkes tonight! Maybe we'll make sufganiyot tomorrow night.

Ben Bayit said...

I believe in giving presents every night. My children will grow up with a Chanuka undiluted by X-Mas. X-Mas is meaningless to them here in Israel. We might feel that way as adults because of our childhoods, but our children are not being raised that way.

We usually do one night "big" presents from us, one night from grandparents set 1, another night grandparents set 2, and the other nights tend to be smaller tchchkees, chocolates, activity sets or practical winter clothes.

Anonymous said...

BB: You really need to see what is going on over in Modiin.

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