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Monday, December 08, 2008
Elections are coming up, and in all the recent elections I have voted (quite happily) only for Baruch Marzel, but perhaps times are a changing.

Let's look at what's available?

Likud? (I'm not talking about Feiglin in the primaries)
Let's get real, Bibi is trying to stack the deck with leftists, and he is calling for a national unity government? Who needs that? We've been trying to throw those Kadima and Labor jokers out, not let them in the back door.

Bayit Yehudi?
A mixed up version of the washed up Mafdal? So we all wear a kippah, that doesn't mean they deserve my vote.

Does the party of Lieberman and his 7 dwarves even have a name? Uzi Landau joined up? So what, he just wants a chance to be a minister which Bibi will never let him have from inside the Likud. Lieberman sat quite nicely with Kadima. Goodbye.

What options are left?

I am seriously considering Hatikva. It is a right-wing party modeled after Gandhi's Moledet, though with some minor modifications.

I am not so comfortable with its current dearth of religious representation, but there primaries are tomorrow so we'll see who is on their list.

Furthermore, if Efi Eitam gives up wasting his time trying to merge into the Likud, he will find a home in Hatikva with a merger there.

And I actually spoke with Aryeh Eldad, and he could be quite comfortable with Baruch Marzel (though assuming an Eldad-Marzel configuration doesn't kill them in the polls). Though Marzel is likely to go with R. Shlomo Wolpe's new party.

Eldad-Eitam-Marzel: that could be a dream team.

But even Eldad-Eitam would be quite satisfactory.

BUT, I still want to learn more about Wolpe's party and see where Efi Eitam ends up.

I will let you know. (And what do you recommend)


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