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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
What exactly is Tzippy Livni trying to prove? That she isn't qualified to lead this country?

I can only assume she sees her statements as an attack on Barak (and not on herself) and not a statement on herself.

But listen to these idiotic remarks coming from her mouth.

"The strategic goal in my eyes is to prevent the establishment of an extremist Islamic terror state along Israel's southern border." Like the one that is already there?

"If Hamas knows that Israel won't be quiet when missiles fall on Ashkelon, they will feel the responsibility on their shoulders." But they know you will be quiet. And Ashkelon? What about poor Sderot?

"When we are faced with a decision to come to some kind of arrangement - like a ceasefire - which may seem in the short time a legitimate interest, we must remember that when Israel gets into these arrangements, they harm us and strengthen Hamas" Sort of like Hizbollah and Resolution 1701 that you are so proud of?

Sorry. Just not Prime Ministerial quality.


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