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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Wake up Bibi!

The Left, the media, Kadima, Labor - they're all attacking you because the Likud is now leaning Right.

Hurray. Finally.

Listen to them Bibi. They want a monolithic Left. They don't want choice. They don't want Change.

They are afraid, terrified even, because you can now offer the people an alternative from their extremist path.

The people are tired of capitulating to Oslo, tired of retreating from Kassams, tired of Olmert's failed utopian fantasy. The people want change, they want a strong Israel.

The Left know that as long as the Likud looks like a Kadima clone then they have a chance.

But if you pick up the gauntlet, they know they have lost.

But here you are trying to shoot yourself in the foot and lose the elections.

You don't have to embrace Feiglin, but you don't have to target him as your enemy. That is exactly what the Left wants. They know if you offer the people the same as they are, then there is no particular reason to vote for the Likud.

Furthermore, trying to nullify Feiglin now shows you to be a weak leader, a leader who is afraid and petty. A leader who can't even control his own party, much less the country. Worse, a leader who won't play by the rules - just like Sharon, and someone who does that deserves no respect at all.

Your actions are turning off your constituents and voters.

Offer us change. Offer us something different. Act bigger than you apparently are.

Keep going down the road you are on now, and Likud will continue to be a small, pointless, undifferentiated party, and you won't be Prime Minister.


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