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Sunday, December 28, 2008
In October 2007 I discussed a study that seemed to have found a correlation between foreign aid to Palestinians and the number of murders they subsequently commit. 2007 had the highest amount of foreign aid, which implied that 2008 would have the highest amount of Palestinian murders.

It was also noted that when stymied from killing Jews they turned on each other.

A month or two ago I noted that they weren't reaching the expected number of homicides as predicted.

Rereading the article I noticed something I had missed before.

When studying the correlation, the author originally noted the correlation between increased foreign aid and increased violence. Specifically in the case of the Palestinians he chose successful murders as his violence index and in the article he appears to use both terms interchangeably.

If we step back from solely using successful homicides as our violence index, but instead take into account attempted (not just successful) murders and terror attacks (specifically the number of rockets launched, and even while ignoring the amount of attempted murders in a mega strike), in that case his numbers make complete sense.

How about that.


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